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Ensemble Designs : 7920

By: Ensemble Designs
Digital Video Products for Broadcast and Post Production Facilities
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HD Downconverter

The Ensemble-Designs 7920 module has an HD SDI input and four outputs that can be configured as two SDI and two composite outputs, or four SDI outputs. Whether it's providing digital feeds to production switchers and routers or analog monitoring, the 7920 is right at home.

The Downconversion process includes Picture Detail Enhancement and Anti-Alias Filtering, which make for a pristine SD output. The Aspect Ratio Conversion process offers Resizing and Repositioning with choices for: Letterbox, Anamorphic, Crop and Zoom. The 7920 automatically adjusts from HD to SD color space and gamma. Proc amp controls are provided in the form of Video, Chroma and Pedestal.

The Avenue 7920 can be configured locally or controlled and configured remotely with Avenue Touch Screens, Express Panels, or Avenue PC Software. Alarm generation, configurable user levels, module lock out, and customizable menus are just some of the tools included in the Avenue Control System.

→ Downconverter for 720p, 1080i, 1080sF and 1080p
→ Proc Amp and Frame Sync
→ 16 bit processing
→ Accepts asynchronous signals
→ Reference input - output is timeable
→ Automatically adjusts between SD/HD color space and gamma
→ Anti-Alias Filter and Picture Detail Enhancement
→ All processing performed in progressive
→ Passes closed captioning
→ Auto detection of input standard and frame rate
→ 3:2 pulldown
→ Built-in test pattern and tone
→ Audio Mux/Demux optional
→ Audio Automatic Gain Control optional
→ Add audio sub module for delay and processing

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