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Ensemble Designs : 8500

By: Ensemble Designs
Digital Video Products for Broadcast and Post Production Facilities
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Composite/SD Legalizer and Video Processing Frame Sync

The Ensemble-Designs 8500 module is a composite Legalizer, Proc Amp, TBC and Frame Sync. The Legalizer is a predictive clipper which insures signal levels will not exceed those permitted in the composite domain. While the Legal setting automatically puts in values to insure signals will not exceed composite legal limits, selecting Custom allows the you to set a range of clip values.

→ Video Legalizer
→ Predictive Composite Clipper
→ Black and White clips
→ Excellent tracking of noisy inputs
→ Adaptive Comb Filter decoder, sharpness filter
→ Split Screen mode
→ Outputs are fully timeable
→ Composite, component, S-Video input
→ A to D, and D to A, all in one module
→ Full-featured TBC/Frame Synchronizer
→ Comprehensive Proc Amp controls
→ Passes embedded audio and Dolby
→ 12 bit, 8 x Oversampled analog output
→ 4x oversampled analog input
→ SD SDI (Serial Digital) input
→ Simultaneous SD SDI and analog composite outputs
→ Line-Selectable toothed blanking
→ Internal color bar generator
→ Memory Registers
→ 4- or 8-channel audio options
→ Noise Reducer option
→ Audio Automatic Gain Control option

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