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Ensemble Designs : BE91

By: Ensemble Designs
Digital Video Products for Broadcast and Post Production Facilities
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HD Upconverter with AES Audio

The Ensemble-Designs BrightEye 91 is an upconverter with analog composite and SD SDI inputs. Feed the analog composite or SD SDI output of a camera to a BrightEye 91 and upconvert to HD. You can take the HD signal from the BrightEye 91 into a switcher or projection system. Upconverting existing SD equipment lets you leverage the equipment you already have and operate in the HD domain.

A special Mirror Flip Output mode can be enabled, causing the output image to be flipped left to right for use with on-camera talent. An external reference input allows genlock to a house reference. All vertical interval data and closed captioning is faithfully passed.

→ Use with Cameras and Projection Systems
→ Turn Analog Camera into Digital HD Source
→ SD Digital and Analog Composite Video Inputs
→ AES Inputs
→ Analog Audio Monitor Output
→ Mirror Output Mode for On-Camera Talent
→ Gratcule and Safe Generator
→ HDMI Output for Monitoring
→ Frame Sync
→ 12 and 16 Bit Processing
→ Passes Embedded Audio

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