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Ensemble Designs : BE91-A

By: Ensemble Designs
Digital Video Products for Broadcast and Post Production Facilities
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HD Upconverter with Analog Audio
The Ensemble-Designs BrightEye 91-A is an upconverter with analog composite and SD SDI inputs. Feed the analog composite or SD SDI output of a camera to a BrightEye 91-A and upconvert to HD. You can take the HD signal from the BrightEye 91-A into a switcher or projection system. Upconverting existing SD equipment lets you leverage the equipment you already have and operate in the HD domain.

A special Mirror Flip Output mode can be enabled, causing the output image to be flipped left to right for use with on-camera talent. An external reference input allows genlock to a house reference. All vertical interval data and closed captioning is faithfully passed.
Use with Cameras and Projection Systems
Turn Analog Camera into Digital HD Source
SD Digital and Analog Composite Video Inputs
Analog Audio Inputs
Analog Audio Monitor Output
Mirror Output Mode for On-Camera Talent
Graticule and Safe Title Generator
HDMI Output
Frame Sync
12 and 16 Bit Processing
Passes Embedded Audio

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