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Intelligent On-Board Digital Video Recorder

Verint Video Intelligence Solutions helps transit agencies protect passengers, assets, and staff with intelligent DVRs designed specifically for bus and light rail systems.

Nextiva mDVR Mobile Digital Video Recorders deliver fullmotion video from up to 12 analog or digital cameras, with industry-leading system interoperability for enhanced business value. Integration with on-board equipment, such as G-Force sensors, GPS, CAD, and AVL, is designed to generate a more complete understanding of events and operations, and allow video to be captured, retained, and retrieved based on the information these systems provide.

When used with Nextiva Transit Vid-Center enterprise DVR viewing and Nextiva Transit Op-Center enterprise DVR management, transportation authorities can optimize the management of fleets of buses and trains. Nextiva Transit Vid-Center features an easy-to-use software application to view multiple scenes from a single environment or any number of transit operations, all on a single screen. For enhanced manageability, Nextiva Transit Op-Center can be used to centrally manage mDVR devices on fleets of buses and light rail, including through wireless links.

Built for dependability, long life, and low cost of ownership, Nextiva mDVR is designed to withstand the temperature fluctuations and heavy vibration inherent in mobile operations and features an innovative, spring-cushioned, mobile disk housing to absorb shock and prevent disk damage. Automatic system health monitoring and problem notification help streamline management and promote more reliable and effective on-board video surveillance.

An embedded Linux operating platform provides highly secure and reliable operation. TCP/IP and other interfaces facilitate communication with other on-board equipment without expensive customization.

Verint also offers an SDK to help customers integrate the mDVR with other systems and applications.

→ Robust and dependable design to withstand harsh environments
→ Full-motion video from up to 12 analog or digital cameras
→ Interoperable with Vehicle Area Networks and on-board information systems, including CAD, AVL, GPS, and G-Force sensors
→ Automated health checking for more efficient management of large fleets of vehicles, even through wireless links
→ Video management application to help in review and investigation management

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Prices and specifications subject to change without notice.