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The Dedicated Micros CamVu IP PTZ Dome adds precision dome control to the CamVu Series. Contained within a vandal resistant housing the CamVu IP PTZ Dome offers flexible camera module options up to 36x optical zoom.
Outdoor IP PTZ Dome
18x, 28x & 36x optical zoom options
Day/Night & WDR features for improved image quality in varying lighting conditions
Mosaic privacy zones provide movement without exposing detail in masked areas
Transmit multiple simultaneous streams in any combination of MPEG-4,H.264 and JPEG formats and at varying qualities, on demand, for remote viewing of both live and locally recorded video
TransCoding engine transcodes recorded footage to MPEG-4, H.264 or JPEG for streaming, irrespective of its originally recorded format
Vandal resistant hemisphere and housing with IP66 rating
Closed IPTV – easy to install, safe and secure IP video solution
Remote configuration from NetVu Connected Video Servers
On-screen telemetry control with Point&Go and Absolute Positioning
MultiMode Recording - Dynamically-switchable resolution,record-rate & compression (MPEG-4/H.264/JPEG) settings
On-board storage (Integrated Camera Recording) and full enterprise video server within the camera
Compatible with a wide variety of mounting brackets and accessories
Quick Mount release for easy installation
Position and adjust the IP camera using a local monitor output
Setup camera using an IR remote and locally connected monitor
Uses the latest powerful Chipwrights DSP to minimise power consumption and provide features such as analytics, MultiMode,TransCoding and multiple image streams
4 Year Warranty
Image Sensor Sony Ex-View HAD CCD E-Series (18x, 36x)
Sony Ex-View HAD CCD 2 E-Series (28x)
Video Processor SoC DSP (CW5631)
Horizontal Resolution 550TVL (PAL/NTSC)
Sensitivity 18x - 0.7lux (F1.4, 50IRE), 0.003lux Colour / 0.0004lux Mono (F1.4, 1/1)
28x - 0.25lux (F1.35, 50IRE), 0.0001lux Colour / Mono (F1.4, 1/1)
36x - 1.4lux (F1.6, 50IRE), 0.004lux Colour / 0.0004lux Mono (F1.6, 1/1)
WDR Available on 18x & 36x Models
Lens 18x – 4.1 to 73.8mm (F1.4 to F3)
28x – 3.5 to 98mm (F1.35 to F3.7)
36x – 3.4 to 122.4mm (F1.6 to F4.5)

Zoom (Optical/Digital) 18x/12x, 28x/12x, 36x/12x
Angle of View 18x – 2.8° (tele) to 48° (wide)
28x – 2.1° (tele) to 55.8° (wide)
36x – 1.7° (tele) to 57.8° (wide)

Focus Automatic with option for minimum distance
Iris Control Automatic & Manual
Shutter Speed 1/1s to 1/10,000s
Compression JPEG, H.264 and MPEG-4. Multiple simultaneous streams of all.
Output Resolution 4CIF, 2CIF, CIF, QCIF
Image Streaming 25pps@4CIF / 30pps@4CIF (PAL/NTSC).
Multi-streaming Multiple simultaneous streams in any combination of MPEG-4, H.264 and JPEG formats to viewers on demand for both recording, live and replay video.
TransCoding Transcode recorded footage to MPEG-4, H.264 or JPEG for streaming to remote users. Each stream can be tailored to suit the viewer’s bandwidth requirements and can be dynamically changed without the need to stop and then restart the stream. This operation is carried out without affecting the original recording.
Balanced Video Output (PAL / NTSC) live display, initially operational for 10 minutes (user configurable) to enable camera focusing / configuration. Video output can also be used as part of a media display or emergency messaging capability.
Integrated Camera Recording (ICR) ICR combines recording capability and a full enterprise video server within the camera. Record camera footage at the unit as well as any associated Video Server. An integrated Micro SD card provides local recording capability whilst ATA over Ethernet (AoE) protocol provides highly-secure point-to-point transfer of video files to separate, remote, storage devices for backup and longterm archiving. Enables a tiered storage architecture that ensures no single point of failure.
Image Control Camera Title, Lens Select, AWB, Electronic Iris, Exposure Level, Flip/Mirror Video, Sharpness Control
Image Masking Privacy Mask 24 Sectors, Mosaic Masking 24 Sectors
Application Support Web Server, IE 5.5 / Firefox 2.0 Web browser or above, Java via Dedicated Micros SDK
NetVu ObserVer Dedicated Micros NetVu ObserVer video management software allows seamless viewing and control of live and recorded images from any NetVu Connected product (IP or analogue) in a single interface. The ability to view multiple sites simultaneously makes management of any security installation efficient. The inclusion of RVRC (ARC) features such as EDP, event characterisation and report generation make NetVu ObserVer ideal for remote monitoring of multiple sites. (Supplied with Product, Windows, Apple Mac & Linux versions available)
Alarms & Relays Optional, external, module for alarm inputs. 4 alarm inputs and 1 relay output. Can be located up to 50 meters from the domes. Various mounting options are available.
Network Support DCCP, DHCP, HTTP, HTTPS, IPv4, SMTP, Bonjour, ICMP, DNS, NTP, TCP, UPP, UDP, ICMP, DHCP, ARP, RTP, Telnet, FTP, AoE, SNMP, ZeroConf
Web Page Configuration Simple Web page configuration will allow the following functions to be configured: Camera setup, Manual update of viewing profiles, Network and Alarm settings.
Closed IPTV Forms part of a simple and secure IP security system (when deployed within a Closed IPTV system).
Direct Camera Configuration Directly configure from the associated NetVu Connected Video Server. In addition, when used within a Closed IPTV system, default settings (such as streaming rate, resolution, aspect ratio, telemetry, lens configuration etc.) can be automatically assigned to the camera from the DVR/NVR.
Presets & Patrols 99 Presets / 4 Patrols with 32 positions
Telemetry Protocol DM IP
Camera Movement 0.05o to 300o / sec max. (both axes)
Language Options English, English (US), Spanish, Spanish (Americas), French, Italian, German, Russian, Czech, Danish, Finnish, Norwegian, Swedish, Dutch, Polish
Enclosure/Finish Pressure Die-Cast Aluminium / Polyester Powder Coated BS48000 00-A-01, IP66 rating. Optically correct Polycarbonate hemisphere
Connections RJ45 Connector for Ethernet 10/100BaseT
Measurements (Dome Head) Radius 206mm (8.1in), H240mm (9.4in)
Weight (Dome Head) 3.9kg (8.6lb)
Power PoE only, consumption 20W - supplied seperately
PoE IEEE 802.3-2008. End span and bridging injectors supported.Supplied with a PoE injector to allow power to be applied to the connecting Ethernet cable without the need for a PoE enabled network switch. This allows 48V power (supplied separately) to be provided down the line to the camera on the same cable that is used for data transmission.
Operating Temperature -30º to 50ºC (-22º to 122ºF).
Warranty 4 Years

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Prices and specifications subject to change without notice.