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1/3" SXGA HDR (2-CCD) GigE Camera

The JAI AD-132GE utilizes JAI's 2CCD prism technology to provide 1.3 megapixel resolution for high dynamic range color imaging applications. Two 1/3" color CCD sensors (ICX447AK) with sensitivity in the visible spectrum are aligned to within one-quarter pixel accuracy.

By altering the shutter/gain settings of the two CCDs and fusing the two synchronized video streams, the AD-132GE can provide more than double the dynamic range of standard CCD cameras (up to ~120 dB) but in a linear fashion that avoids the noise, shutter, and compression issues found in typical CMOS-based logarithmic or LinLog™ high dynamic range cameras.

Alternatively, the timing of each CCD's readout can be offset by one-half frame and interleaved together to produce 62 fps output without the image degradation that would result from over-clocking the CCDs.

The AD-132GE is equipped with a variety of trigger modes including a special 3-shot PIV (Particle Image Velocimetry) mode (download PIV technical note for more details).

Output is via a standard GigE Vision interface, which can be used in a one-cable or two-cable configuration, depending on the mode used.

Typical HDR applications for the AD-132GE include inspection tasks where incident light or bright reflections are present, such as LED inspection, welding, and various types of lighting or glass inspections. The camera is also ideal for a wide range of automotive applications, microscopy, or high-end surveillance uses. The parameters of each CCD can be adjusted by the user to provide maximum dynamic range or maximum contrast/sensitivity within a narrower lighting range, depending on the application.

→ 2-CCD high dynamic range color camera
→ 2 Bayer color CCDs (1/3") mounted on an optical prism
→ 1296 x 966 active pixels per channel
→ Choice of built-in image fusion or SDK post processing routines to achieve nearly 120 dB dynamic range
→ 31 fps operation for HDR
→ Separate high-speed (62 fps) and high S/N modes also included
→ GigE Vision/GenICam compliant with 8-bit, 10-bit, or 12-bit per channel output
→ Programmable exposure from 11.49µs to 31.761ms in one-line increments
→ Auto shutter from 1/31 to 1/366 sec
→ Unique 3-shot PIV trigger mode provides 50% more vector data
→ Analog video output for auto-iris lens control
→ Programmable 25-in/14-out GPIO module

Sensor #1 1/3" Bayer color IT CCD (ICX447)
Sensor #2 1/3" Bayer color IT CCD (ICX447)
Pixel Clock 51.324 MHz
Frame rate full frame 31 frames/sec.
Active area 4.86 (h) x 3.63 (v) mm
Cell size 3.75 (h) x 3.75 (v) µm
Active pixels 1296 (h) x 966 (v)
Read-out modes - Full 1296 (h) x 966 (v) 31.484 fps
Read-out modes - Variable partial scan Programmable start line: 0 to 962
Programmable height: 8 to 966 lines
Sensitivity 0.7 Lux (max. gain, shutter off, 50% video)
S/N ratio >52dB (Green ch., 0 dB gain, 10-bit)
Video output 30/24-bits RGB or 8, 10 or 12-bit raw Bayer
Auto-iris lens video 0.7 Vp-p, w/o sync
Gain Master gain:0 dB to 21 dB
R/B gain: -7 dB to 10 dB
AGC: 0 dB to 21 dB (range adjustable)
Synchronization Int. X-tal
GPIO Module Input/output switch: Configurable 25-in/14-out switch
Clock generator (one): 12-bit counter based on pixel clock
Pulse generator (four): 20-bit counters with programmable length, start point, stop point, repeat
Hardware trigger modes Edge Pre-select, Pulse Width Control, Reset Continuous, Frame Delay, Sequence
Electronic shutter Exposure time Abs: 0.4L (11.49 µs) to 982L (31.761 ms) in 1L steps(28.725 µs)
Pulse Width Control: 1/13,000 sec. (2.4L) to 2 sec.
GPIO plus Pulse Width: Fine adjustment via GPIO
Auto shutter: 1/31 to 1/366 sec. (982L to 95L)
White balance Visible (color channel) only
Gain range: -7 dB to 10 dB
2800K to 9000K
LUT/Gamma 8 presets (1.0 to 0.45) or LUT
Functions controlled via GigE Vision interface Shutter, gain, black level, trigger mode, read-out mode, GPIO setup, ROI (GenICam mandatory functions)
GigE streaming protocol Packet size (1476 to 16020 bytes), delayed (frame) read-out, inter-packet delay
Indicators on rear panel Power/hardwire trigger,GigE link /activity
Operating Temperature -5°C to 45°C
Humidity (operation) 20 - 80% non-condensing
Storage temp./humidity -25°C to 60°C / 20 to 80% non-condensing
Vibration 3 G (15Hz to 200 Hz XYZ)
Shock 50G
Regulations CE (EN 61000-6-2, EN-61000-6-3), FCC part 15 class B, RoHS
Power 12-24V DC ± 10%. 8.0 W typical (full frame @ 12V)
Lens mount C-mount (Max 4.0 mm thread) (Use 3CCD-type lens without IR filter)
Dimensions (H x W x L) 55(H) x 55(W) x 98.3(D) mm
Weight 340 g


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