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2/3 inch 12mm F/1.8 6-Megapixel Machine Vision Fixed Focal Length Lens

The Tamron M23FM12 is a 2/3" 12mm F/1.8 6-Megapixel Machine Vision Fixed Focal Length Lens.

Tamron USA, Inc., a leading manufacturer of precision optics for industry and fine photography, is pleased to announce the development of three new 6-Mega-Pixel Machine Vision Fixed Focal Length Lenses. Leveraging leadership and experience in the design and manufacturing of precision, high resolution industrial optics, Tamron is excited to expand its assortment of lenses in this category to meet the growing needs of higher resolution machine vision applications.

Tamron has been long recognized as an innovative source for mega-pixel fixed-focal length lenses for precision industrial applications such as PCB production, inspection machines and engineering devices, affording them valuable insight into industry needs and trends. Trending higher in recent years and growing rapidly is the demand for substantially higher-resolution cameras, requiring exacting, task-specific optics.

As part of an ongoing initiative to address this need, Tamron has developed three additional lenses specifically for use with 2/3” 6-mega-pixel cameras. Joining four already announced 6-mega-pixel fixed-focal length lenses, Tamron’s dedication to meeting customer requirements will be further realized.

→ High-Performance Design Engineered For Demanding Industrial Applications
→ Uniformly high resolution from center-to-edges and corners
→ Highly corrected for low distortion
→ Maintains higher relative illumination at the periphery
→ Shape of newly designed iris improves optical performance at small apertures
→ Well suppressed chromatic aberration
→ Superior Stability And Performance Consistency - Reengineered focus and iris lock mechanism with metalcomponents that effectively combat vertical and horizontal vibration
→ Rugged, Durable Construction - Enhanced mount design and durable mechanical structure contribute to extended life in less-than-ideal conditions
→ Operational Simplicity
→ Wide focus adjustment angle for ease of focusing
→ Iris operation is identical among all lenses in the series
→ Three mechanically securable iris and focus lock positions
→ Lenses in the series feature the same primary diameter for enhanced interchangeability

Imager Size(s) 2/3"
Mount C-mount
Focal Length 12mm
Aperture Range F/1.8 ~ 22
Angle of View - Horizontal x Vertical 2/3": 40.9° x 30.9°
1/2": 30.0° x 22.4°
1/3": 22.4° x 16.0°
Focus Range 0.1m ~ INF
Operation Focus: Manual w/ lock screw
Iris: Manual w/ lock screw
Filter Thread M49 — P=0.75
Corresponding Wavelength Visible Light


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