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VS-Technology : VS-MC0510IR

By: VS-Technology
Industrial, Machine Vision Lenses
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2/3" 126.3~80.4mm VS-UV & IR Series - Macro Lens
The VS Technology VS-MC0510IR is a 2/3" 126.3~80.4mm VS-UV & IR Series - Macro Lens.
Specially designed for near UV (365nm) and near IR (850-1200nm) wavelength
Low distortion for all models
Robust mechanical design for machine vision use.
Special coating to eliminate unnecessary wavelength with high contrast image
Distortionless and robust design are suitable for machine vision use
Optical mag. range 0.5x ~ 1.0x
Optical mag. 0.5x, 0.75x, 1.0x
FOV (VxH) - 2/3" 13.2x17.6mm, 8.8x11.7mm, 6.6x8.8mm
FOV (VxH) - 1/2" 9.6x12.8mm, 6.4x8.5mm, 4.8x6.4mm
FOV (VxH) - 1/3" 7.2x9.6mm, 4.8x6.4mm, 3.6x4.8mm
WD 126.3mm, 95.7mm, 80.4mm
O/I (Object & Imager distance) 203.2mm, 184.1mm, 180.3mm
Focal length (f) 45.97mm
Working F/# 4.8, 5.9, 6.4
NA 0.052, 0.063, 0.078
DOF at PCoC Ø 0.04mm 1.5mm, 0.8mm, 0.5mm
TV distortion (max.) -0.0001
Relative illuminance (Y=4.0) 88.7%, 88.8%, 90%
Front principle point 11.066
Rear principle point -14.99mm
FPP RPP Distance -0.07mm
Wavelength 650~950nm ±40nm
Camera mount C-Mount
Flange back 17.526mm
Sensor size (max.) 2/3"
Co-axial prism -
Weight (approx.) 50g
Dimension Ø32 (MAX) xL= 59.4~82.4mm

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