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VS-Technology : VS-TC07-340CO

By: VS-Technology
Industrial, Machine Vision Lenses
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0.7x 340mm VS-TC Series Telecentric Lens

The VS Technology VS-TC07-340CO Telecentric lens has parallel chief rays with its optical axis and is ideal for co-axial lighting. Telecentric lens eliminates perspective error in your image, which gives you no magnification change when the distance between object and lens (WD) changed. This allows you accurate measurement of 3D object or even the object is moving up and down.

Macro lens with objective side telecentric system. All models are in fixed magnification and iris for machine visionapplications. VS-TC series are available in "Short WD:40mm", "Middle WD:60-75mm", "Long WD:110-170mm", "Super Long WD:220mm" and "Ultra Super Long WD:300-340mm". Magnification is from x0.5 up to x10 with or without built-in co-axial lighting prism.

VS-TC07-340CO features include:

  • Compact size and light weight
  • Built-in Co-axial models ( model number : VS-TC-----CO )
  • Optical mirror units available
Optical Mag. x0.7 ±5%
FOV (VxH) - 1/2" 6.9 x 9.1mm
FOV (VxH) - 1/3" 5.1 x 6.9mm
WD 340.0mm ±10
O/I (Object & Imager distance) 515.3mm
Working F/# 10.9
NA 0.032
Resolution at λ 550nm 10.5µ
DOF at PCoC Ø 0.04mm 1.8mm
TV distortion (max.) 0.001
Relative illuminance (Y=4) 100%
Wavelength Visible (400nm - 700nm)
Camera mount C-Mount
Flange back 17.526mm
Sensor size (max.) 1/2"
Co-axial prism Built-in
Weight (approx.) 241.3g
Dimension Ø36 (MAX) x L = 157.8mm


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