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VS-Technology : VS-LTC6-50CO-28/F

By: VS-Technology
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6.0x 50.9mm VS-LTC Series - Telecentric Lens for Line Sensor with Built-in Co-ax Lighting Prism

The VS Technology VS-LTC6-50CO-28/F is specially designed for large format and line scan sensor these lens also have High Resolution, contrast and telecentricity.

VS-LTC6-50CO-28/F features include:

→ Reduced shading.
→ High Resolution, contrast and telecentricity.
→ No measurement error by misalignment of objects and more accurate inspection than macro line scan lens.

Optical mag. x6.0
FOV - 1.8" (15.6Vx23.7Hmm) Area Scan 2.6 x 3.9mm
FOV - 2048bit x 10u (20.48mm) Line 3.4mm
FOV - 2048bit x 14u (28.6mm) Line 4.7mm
FOV - 4096bit x 7u (28.6mm) Line 4.7mm
WD 50.9mm ±2.5
O/I (Object & Imager distance) 237.1mm
Working F/# 30.0
NA 0.10
Resolution at λ 550nm 3.3µ
DOF at PCoC Ø0.04mm 0.066mm
DOF at PCoC Ø0.01mm 0.016mm
TV Distortion (max.) 0.10%
Wavelength Visible (400nm - 700nm)
Camera Mount F-Mount
Flange back 46.5mm
Sensor size (max.) Ø28.6mm
Co-axial prism Built-in
Weight (approx.) - g
Dimension Ø59 (MAX) x L = 139.7mm


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