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2/3-inch 35mm F/1.8 5 MegaPixel Machine Vision Lens

The Tamron M23FM35 Ultra High Resolution lens is a 5 Mega-pixel machine vision lens for 5MP+ Cameras that realize 2.5micron resolution from the center to periphery. This 5-megapixel lens is designed to be highly durable and versatile in applications that require quality components and an extended life time.

Ultra High Resolution
→ Designed to match pixel pitch 2.5µm sensors. Realize high resolution from center to periphery (image height 90%).
→ MOD 10cm (6, 8, 12, 16, 25mm), 15cm (35, 50mm)
→ Low distortion
→ 6 iris blades maintain same performance as 8 blades through a unique iris blade design.

High Durability
→ Optimized focus lock screws for each focal length design.
→ Metal mount and components for high durability.
→ Vibration and shock resistant design maintains the initial optical performance.

High Versatility
→ Newly designed mechanics enable the focus rotation to be larger and reduces troublesome focus adjustment.
→ Designed to fix the mechanical length of the lens, while considering versatility of end-users.

Focal Length 35mm
Aperture Range F/1.8 - 22
Iris Operation Manual with Lock
Focus Operation Manual with Lock
Mount C
2/3" Angle of View 14.4° x 10.8°
1/2" Angle of View 10.5° x 7.8°
1/3" Angle of View 7.8° x 5.9°
Focus Range 0.15m ~ INF
Filter Size M49 P=0.75
Back Focus (in air) 14.494mm (in air)
Wavelength Visible Light
Weight 388 grams
Operation Temperature -10° C ~ 70° C

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