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Video Balun Combiners For Twisted Pair Up To 750 Feet

The Niket Video Balun Combiner for Twisted Pair VB43ATF is a unique transmission device which provides an economical means of sending video, camera power and 2-wire control signals over a standard Category cable. Video is sent over one pair, 2-wire control signals over a second pair and camera power is sent over the two remaining pairs. A minicoax pigtail with male BNC is used on the VB43ATF. Two pair of screwless terminals are provided to connect 2-wire control signals and power (wires are provided for these connections). Connections to the Category cable are made via an RJ45 connector. The VB43ATF video balun provides the same immunity to noise and interference as all of the Nitek baluns.

This simplified wiring scheme provides a convenient method of powering the camera, allowing for quicker and easier installations. The RJ45 modular jack uses standard 568B wiring so spare network cables can be used. The VB43ATF also offers indication lights for the presence of power and data.

VB43ATF features include:

  • Intelligent light link indication
  • Superior video over ordinary twisted pair cable
  • Quick connect screwless terminals
  • Immunity to noise and interference
  • Rugged ABS flame-retardant casing
  • Built-in surge suppression
  • Passive devices - do not require power
  • Convenient connection to Category 5 cable for video power and 2 wire control signals
  • Easier to install than coax
  • Intra-building CCTV installations (instead of coaxial cable)
  • Structured cabling environments
  • Multi-camera applications through conduit (more cameras through a smaller diameter
Combiner Unit Size .875” H x 1.875” W x 1.25” D
Combiner Unit Power Pass Through 250mA @ 1,000 feet on 24 AWG wire 1 Amp @ 100 feet on 24 AWG wire
Combiner Unit Input 1 Vpp composite video Monochrome or Color
Combiner Unit Output Balanced low voltage current loop
Combiner Unit Modular Jack Standard RJ45
System (2 combiners required)
System Video Format PAL, SECAM, NTSC, RS170, CCIR (Color or B/W)
System Video Input 1 Vpp composite video Monochrome or Color
System Operating Frequency DC to 10 MHz
System Common Mode Rejection >60 dB
System Wire Size 26 to 18 AWG twisted pair
Wire DC Loop Resistance 51 Ohms/1,000 ft (max)
Wire Nominal Capacitance 17 pF/ft
Wire Impedance 100 Ohms - 20%
Wire Category Wire 2 or better
Temperature Range 0°C to 85°C
Humidity Range 0 to 98%, non-condensing
Twisted Pair Connection RJ45 modular connector
Transient Immunity Built-in
Shipping Weight 1 lb


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