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1/3 inch 2.8-10.5mm board lens

The DF004N0 is a High-Resolution Board-Mount Lens.

As a result of increasing concern for crime prevention, surveillance cameras are being installed in more and more different locations. This has brought about a growing demand for integrated camera units, particularly mini dome cameras, which can be installed without imparting the overbearing feeling that surveillance cameras can sometimes have, and blend in nicely with the surroundings. Tamron has responded to this growing demand by developing a high zoom ratio Vari-Focal lens that is ideally suited for use with mini dome cameras. As a lens that can be paired with the popular kinds of mini dome cameras, it offers high level surveillance capabilities.

  • In comparison with the angle offered by standard zoom lenses, both the wide and the telephoto limits have been greatly extended. This Vari-Focal lens covers a range of 2.8 to 10.5 mm; at the wide end this offers a horizontal field of view of approximately 100 degrees. This one unit can be used in a wide range of surveillance environments.

  • The large and bright maximum aperture of F/1.2 exceeds that found in ordinary lenses.

  • Despite its large maximum aperture and wide focal length, the length and maximum diameter of this compact lens are such that it can be accommodated in a 3-inch mini dome camera, and a 14mm mount diameter has been achieved.

  • Thanks to the utilization of aspherical lens elements, this lens performs at the top of its class as a lens for mounting on an integrated mini dome camera.

  • A flange back adjustment mechanism is included, which will contribute to the camera manufacturer's productive efficiency.

  • Designed as an environmentally sensitive product.





Imager Size






Focal Length



Maximum Aperture



Zoom Ratio




Angle of View

(Horizontal x Vertical)



99.5° x 73.2°


27.4° x 20.6°


Focus Range

0.3m ~ INF

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