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Sentech : STC-SC33USB-B

By: Sentech
Industrial, USB, & Medical Cameras
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VGA (640 x 480), board, Mini USB 2.0 Color camera

The STC-SC33USB-B is an ultra-compact, progressive scan, VGA, USB camera with a 1/3” color CCD. It features 60fps, hardware and software triggering image capture, digital zoom and a feature-rich user based menu setup and control. The STC-SC33USB-B is a board model available with rear or side mini-USB connectors. Sentech USB cameras include a SDK, DirectX, Twain and Linux driver, as well as the Sentech Viewing Software.



STC-SC33USB-B features include:

  • Ultra-Compact Size
  • 1/3" CCD Image Sensor, VGA (0.3 Megapixel)
  • Hardware & Software Trigger


Image Sensor

1/3" interline VGA color progressive CCD: ICX424AQ(Sony)

Total Picture Element

692(H) x 504(V)

Effective Picture Element

659(H) x 494(V)

Chip Size

5.79(H) x 4.89(V) mm

Cell Size

7.40(H) x 7.40(V) μm

Scanning System



640(H) x 480(V) (Full scanning) 640(H) x 224(V) (1/2 partial scanning) 640(H) x 80(V) (1/4 partial scanning)

Scanning Method

Full scanning, 1/1 partial scanning, 1/2 partial scanning, 1/4 partial scanning, Variable partial scanning, Binning scanning, Binning 1/1 partial scanning, Binning 1/2 partial scanning, Binning 1/4 partial scanning, Binning variable partial scanning

Maximum Frame Rate


- Full Scanning

59.94 fps (Normal) / 29.97 fps (1/2clock) / 14.98 fps (1/4clock) / 89.91 fps (3/2clock)

- 1/2 Partial Scanning

120.11 fps (Normal) / 60.05 fsp (1/2clock) / 30.02 fps (1/4clock) / 180.165 fps (3/2clock)

- 1/4 Partial Scanning

240.22 fps (Normal) / 120.11 fps (1/2clock) / 60.055 fps (1/4clock) / 360.33 fps

Pixel Frequency

24.5454 MHz (Normal) / 12.2727 MHz (1/2clock) / 6.13635 MHz (1/4clock) / 36.818 MHz (3/2clock)

Video Output

8bit / 10bit /12bit

Minimum Scene Illumination


Sync System


Electronic Shutter

Auto / Manual (software selectable)

- Normal

1/36,818,182 to 1/22.40 seconds(default 1/29.18 seconds)

- 1/2 Clock

1/18,409,091 to 1/11.20 seconds

- 1/4 Clock

1/9,204,545 to 1/5.60 seconds


Auto / Manual (software selectable,default: x3.55)


Manual (software selectable,default: 1)

White Balance

Auto / Manual / One shot (software selectable)

Trigger Mode

Free-run / Edge preset trigger / Pulse width trigger / Start & stop trigger (software selectable) (Hardware trigger and Software trigger are available)

Camera Reset

Support on Pin 5

LED Indicator

Green(Flicker):Power-On, Green:Camera works

Pixel Blemish Correction

64 Points (default:off)

Input / Output

USB2.0 High speed



- Input Voltage

+5 V through USB connector (+4.4 to +5.25V)

- Consumption

less than 2.0 W


Board Type::36(W) x 36(H) x 15.3(D) CS-Mount(without USB connector)

Lens Mount

CS mount / MicroLens Mount / None Mount


approximately 15g

Interface Connector


- Angle

USB: mini-B USB connector IO Connector :SM05B-SRSS-TB (JST) 5pin

Operating Temperature

0 to 40 deg. C

Storage Temperature

-30 to 65 deg. C


20Hz to 200Hz to 20Hz (5min./cycle), acccelaration 10G, 3 directions 30 min. each


Acceleration 70G, half amplitude 6ms, 3 directions 3 times each

Standard Compliancy



RoHS Compliant

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