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The VER-D2R4-2 DINION capture 7000 License Plate IP Camera (NTSC) from Bosch captures detailed and reliable images of vehicle license plates, and is ideal for use in parking lots, public places, and freeways. An additional overview camera provides the complete vehicle image simultaneously for accurate vehicle identification. The camera's DINION 2X technology, along with the 20-bit digital signal processing, helps this IP camera achieve great clarity levels by exposing the tiniest details in the captured images. With its ability to record images of vehicles moving as fast as 140 mph (225 kmph), this camera proves highly efficient for monitoring and enforcing speed limits on freeways.

VER-D2R4-2 features include:

  • Specialized for capturing license plate images of automobiles at speeds of up to 140 mph (225 kmph), making it ideal for monitoring and enforcing speed limits on freeways
  • Additional overview camera provides complete vehicle image simultaneously for excellent vehicle identification
  • 5 to 50mm varifocal lens (main camera and overview camera) has been calibrated to deliver optimal image quality at 23.1' (7.1 m), and provides a range of 18 to 30' (5.5 to 9.1 m)
  • 1/3" wide dynamic range CCD sensor with progressive scan technology helps deliver sharp and lucid images
  • 540 TVL and 520 TVL horizontal resolution for main and overview camera respectively
  • DINION 2X technology and 20-bit digital signal processing for exposing the tiniest details of images captured in varying lighting conditions
  • Adjustable imaging modes allow for configuration of the camera according to the regional specifications for license plates
  • Advanced Ambient Compensation prevents washed out images by automatically correcting overexposure
  • Automatic Mode Switching, with 6 preset programmable modes, allows for a quick change in the recording mode as per the ambient light
  • Night Capture Imaging system coupled with the pulsed LED array (850 nm) helps record clear pictures of license plates even at night
  • Privacy masking allows you to mask up to 4 zones in the recording frame for shielding sensitive areas in the camera's surveillance range
  • Video motion detection is programmable to be active in any single part of the recording frame - perfect for high-risk areas
  • Weather-sealed IP67-rated aluminum housing shields it from dust, rain, and corrosion, allowing for outdoor installations
Operational Range 3.8 to 28.0 m (12.5 to 92.0 ft)
IR Illumination Pulsed LED array, 850 nm
Nominal Plate Width North America: 110 pixelsEurope: 130 pixels(with 4CIF encoding at optimal capture distance)
Usable Plate Width North America: 80–140 pixelsEurope: 100–170 pixels(with 4CIF encoding over capture range)
Maximum Capture Speed 225 km/h (140 mph)Must meet 30° mounting criteria.
Automatic Mode Switching Adjustable switch point depending on ambient light levels, mode selectable
Type 1/3-inch CCD, monochrome
Active Pixels (PAL) 752 x 582
Active Pixels (NTSC) 768 x 494
Horizontal Resolution 540 TVL
Video Output Composite video 1 Vpp, 75 ohm
Synchronization Internal only
Auto Black Automatic continuous, Off
Dynamic Range 120 dB (20-bit image processing)

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