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PRESSURIZED PTZ CAMERA DOME (DAY/NIGHT); includes variable-speed drive

The Vicon SVFT-PRS36 PRESSURIZED PTZ CAMERA DOME provides video transmission over coaxial cable. The interior is pressurized with dry nitrogen gas and regulated with a relief valve. Low pressure warning displays if pressure inside the dome dips below 1/2 psig. Sensor titles display for temperature, relative humidity and pressure, which can be disabled. In addition, the interior is environmentally controlled using a thermostatically-controlled heater/fan assembly.

It is designed for easy snap-in installation. The drive simply snaps into the housing. When removed, the housing retains all programmed functions in its on-board non-volatile memory. The customer interface board snaps down for easy access.


Available Configurations Include:

SVFT-PRS36-V   PRESSURIZED IP PTZ CAMERA DOME (DAY/NIGHT); includes variable-speed drive, 36X high-resolution (540 TVL) day/night camera with wide dynamic range (WDR) and image stabilization, cast aluminum upper housing and clear lower dome. For use with ViconNet (LAN) for video/data transmission.

SVFT-PRS36 features include:

  • Housing pressurized with dry nitrogen
  • All the features of the standard camera dome
  • Available with 23X or 36X cameras
  • NTSC and PAL models

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