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VIDEO / DATA RECEIVER; single fiber; duplex RS-422

The VF-1400R Fiber-Optic Video Transmission Receiver for NOVA Control Systems from Vicon is a system designed to provide bidirectional video and RS-422 data on one multimode optical fiber. This system is intended for use with Vicon's NOVA microcomputer-based control systems. This unit is a rackmount receiver.


Available Configurations Include:

VF-1400RR   VIDEO / DATA RECEIVER (RACK MODULE); single fiber; duplex RS-422; simplex video; for use with NOVA/Pilot/SurveyorVFT 

VF-1400R features include:

  • Fiber-Optic Video-Data Transmission System This receiver is one component in the V1400 Bidirectional Fiber-Optic Video Transmission System for NOVA Control Systems.
  • Bidirectional The V1400 family of products is unique in its ability to offer full bidirectional transmission over a signal fiber-optic channel.
  • Transmission Distance This system will transmit video up to 1.6 miles (2.5km) with fiber-optic cable.
  • Power This unit includes its own power supply.


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