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VICONNET 2-CHANNEL DIGITAL VIDEO DECODER; for use with Virtual Matrix Display Controller

The Vicon VN-DECODER-2, a 2-channel video decoder that provides added flexibility for Vicon’s Virtual Matrix Display system topology. The device provides a cost-effective means to support remote or add-on viewing stations that require only live video display, such as the view of building entrances from a reception desk. Each VN-DECODER-2 supports up to two monitors, each with the ability to display up to 64 video streams on each monitor. When used at an edge location, such as a public view monitor or a guard shack, the video can be controlled and driven by a programmable logic controller (PLC) and IP keypad, without the need for a traditional keyboard, mouse and monitor

VN-DECODER-2 features include:

  • Ideal companion for a Virtual Matrix Display Controller
  • Decodes digital IP data into analog for display on any monitor
  • Decodes up to 2 video outputs
  • Each output can provide a up to 64 video streams

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