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Ethernet over Coax EoC Transceiver with PoE Power

The NVT Model NV-EC1701 Ethernet over Coax EoC Transceiver is a compact media converter that allows 10/100 BaseT Ethernet and PoE+ power to be transmitted using coax cable. These devices are often used in legacy installations where existing cable is re-deployed as part of an upgrade to IP cameras. 56 VDC class 2 power is delivered to one transceiver, which distributes it to multiple* remote transceivers, and their PoE, PoE+, or High Power PoE cameras*.

These transceivers are extremely simple to use, with no IP or MAC addressing required. Status LEDs indicate power and link connectivity/activity for RJ45 and BNC ports. They are backed by NVT’s award winning customer support and limited lifetime warranty.


Available Configurtations Include:

NV-EC1701-KIT1 1 - Camera EoC Transmission System; (2) NVEC1701, (1) NV-PS56-60W

NV-EC1701-KIT2 2 - Camera EoC Transmission System; (3) NVEC1701& (1) NV-PS56-60W, (1) NV-BNCT

NV-EC1701-KIT3 3 - Camera EoC Transmission System; (4) NVEC1701& (1) NV-PS56-60W, (1) NV-EC4BNC

NV-EC1701-KIT4 4 - Camera EoC Transmission System; (5) NVEC1701& (1) NV-PS56-60W, (1) NV-EC4BNC

NV-EC1701-K1H 1 - Camera EoC Transmission System; (2) NVEC1701,(1) NV-PS56-90W

NV-EC1701-K2H 2 - Camera EoC Transmission System; (3) NVEC1701& (1) NV-PS56-90W, (1) NV-BNCT

NV-EC1701-K3H 3 - Camera EoC Transmission System; (4) NVEC1701& (1) NV-PS56-90W, (1) NV-EC4BNC

NV-EC1701-K4H 4 - Camera EoC Transmission System; (5) NVEC1701& (1) NV-PS56-90W, (1) NV-EC4BNC

NV-EC1701 features include:

  • Transmit 10/100 BaseT Full Duplex Ethernet up to 2,500' (750 m) over RG-59 (or similar)
  • Powers PoE cameras (or other PoE devices), up to 45 W
  • Up to 4 transceivers can be rack mounted on an NV-RMEC16 Rack Mount Tray Kit, connecting up to 16 cameras
  • 48 VDC is distributed over the coax to all connected equipment
  • Easy configuration, no PC required
  • Transparently supports all networking protocols (UDP, TCP / IP, HTTP, etc.)
  • One EoC transceiver at the network-end can support up to 4 remote transceivers / IP cameras using an NVT BNC adapter / splitter
  • Advanced 128-bit AES encrypted transmission and power technology with built-in transient protection
Connectivity RJ45 Ethernet Interface: RJ45, auto-crossover
Coax Building Wiring Interface: BNC, RG-59/U or similar 1 control room EoC transceiver plus up to 4 remote EoC transceivers are supported
Wire Type 4-pair Cat5 or better
Distance RJ45 Ethernet Interface: up to 328' (100 m)
Coax Building Wiring Interface: up to 2,500' (750 m) 1
Speed 10/100 Base T, half / full duplex, auto- negotiation, auto MDI / MDIX cross-over
Latency 3 ms
Throughput 80 Mbps ±10% useable bandwidth per network
Power Output This power sourcing equipment (PSE) supports powered devices (PDs) that are compatible with IEEE 802.3af, or PDs that draw up to 45 W
Always on: 48 VDC outputs appear on pins 4 & 5 and 7 & 8, and are current-protected and transient-protected
Impedance 50 to 100 Ω
Transmission Technology OFDM, 128-bit AES encryption
Power Blue "Power On"
Interface BNC / RJ45: Green "Link"
Consumption 2 W @ 48 VDC per transceiver
Power Supply Power Supply: External inline, with an IEC380-C14 power inlet and 6' (1.8 m) line-cord
Input Voltage: 100 to 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz
A molded P1J 5.5 mm barrel connector provides a Class 2 (SELV) 48 VDC regulated output
Use only the power cord provided with the unit or equivalent UL approved type SPT-2, SVT, or SJT, 18/3 AWG 100 to 240 VAC, 1 A, 140°F (60°C), maximum 15' (4.5 m) long
One end with IEC380-C13 appliance coupler and the other end with NEMA 1015P or equivalent for country
Operating Temperature 14 to 122°F (-10 to 50°C)
Storage Temperature -22 to 158°F (-30 to 70°C)
Humidity 20 to 85% non-condensing
Regulatory UL Listed to IEC/UL 60950-1 complies with FCC part 15B limits

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