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Ethernet over 2-wire Transceiver with PoE Power

The NVT Model NV-EC1701U Eo2™ Ethernet over 2-wire Transceiver is a compact media converter that allows 10/100 BaseT Ethernet and PoE or PoE+ power to be transmitted using 18/2 or similar. These devices are typically used in legacy installations where existing 18/2 is re-used as part of an upgrade to IP devices. 56VDC class 2 power is delivered to one transceiver, which distributes it to multiple* remote transceivers, and their PoE or PoE+ devices*.

These transceivers are extremely simple to use, with no IP or MAC addressing required. Status LEDs indicate power and link connectivity/activity for RJ45 and 2-wire ports. The NV-EC1701U is backed by NVT’s award winning customer support and limited lifetime warranty.


Available Configurations Include:

NV-EC1701U-KIT1 1 - Camera Eo2 Transmission System; (2) NVEC1701U,(1) NV-PS56-60W

NV-EC1701U-KIT2 2 - Camera Eo2 Transmission System; (3) NVEC1701U& (1) NV-PS56-60W

NV-EC1701U-KIT3 3 -Camera Eo2 Transmission System; (4) NVEC1701U& (1) NV-PS56-60W

NV-EC1701U-KIT4 4 -Camera Eo2 Transmission System; (5) NVEC1701U& (1) NV-PS56-60W

NV-EC1701U-K1H 1 - Camera Eo2 Transmission System; (2) NVEC1701U,(1) NV-PS56-90W

NV-EC1701U-K2H 2 - Camera Eo2 Transmission System; (3) NVEC1701U& (1) NV-PS56-90W

NV-EC1701U-K3H 3 -Camera Eo2 Transmission System; (4) NVEC1701U& (1) NV-PS56-90W

NV-EC1701U-K4H 4 -Camera Eo2 Transmission System; (5) NVEC1701U& (1) NV-PS56-90W

NV-EC1701U features include:

  • Transmits 10/100 BaseT Full Duplex Ethernet up to 1,000' (305m) over 4-pair cat5; 750' (228m) over 18/2 (or similar 2-wire cable); 500' (150m) over shielded twisted-pair 1
  • 48 or 56VDC is distributed over 2-wire cable to all connected IP devices
  • Powers PoE entry stations (or other PoE or PoE+ devices), up to 60W 2
  • One NVT Eo2 transceiver at the network-end can support multiple remote Eo2 transceivers and connected devices 3
  • Up to 4 Eo2 transceivers can be rack mounted on an NV-RMEC16U Eo2 Rack Mount Tray Kit, connecting up to 16 entry stations or other devices
  • Easy configuration, no PC required
  • Transparently supports all networking protocols (UDP, TCP/IP, HTTP, Multicast with IGMP, and more)
  • Advanced 128-bit AES encrypted transmission and PoE+ power technology
  • Built-in transient protection; Industrial temperature range
  • UL-Listed to IEC/UL 60950-1
  • Complies with FCC part 15B limits
  • RoHS compliant
Connectivity RJ45, auto-crossover
Wire Type 4-pair CAT5 or better
Distance Up to 328' (100 m)
Speed 10/100 Base T, half/full duplex, auto-negotiation auto MDI/MDIX cross-over
Latency 3 ms
Data 85 Mb/s ±10% useable bandwidth per network.
Example: 4 Mp cameras, all sharing a 2-wire network, each sending 20 Mb/s video stream(s)
Power Output This PSE (Power Sourcing Equipment) supports PDs (Powered Devices) that are compatible with IEEE 802.3af/at, or PDs that draw up to 60 W. For maximum power/distance, 48 or 56 VDC appears on all eight RJ45 pins, and are current-protected and transient-protected. 1

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