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Thermal Night Vision Camera

The ivory SCB-9060 Thermal Night Vision Camera from Samsung is a contactless monitoring device capable of measuring the surface temperatures of all target areas, and displaying the resulting data via temperature distribution images (thermal images). Featured by the uncooled IR detector, the sensor of this camera does not require you to prepare a separate cooling device or maintenance. In addition, the sensor boasts long wavelength sensitivity (detecting infrared radiation with wavelengths between 8 to14μm from targets and background), thereby allowing it to produce high resolution thermal images with minimal impact from sunlight, even during outdoor daytime monitoring in clear weather.

SCB-9060 features include:

  • Up to 1,247' (380m) of detection without lighting
  • You can specify a specific temperature, over which you can instruct the camera to detect a target
  • Featured by a small IR sensor with 1.68mrad of IFOV (Instantaneous Field of View), the camera can implement recording a sharper and more precise image against
  • With dustproof and waterproof design, you can install in an outdoor place exposed to dust and rain
  • NUC (Non-Uniformity Correction): auto / manual selectable
  • Isolated temperature display
  • Remote control of OSD menus is enabled via coaxial and RS-485 communication protocols
  • Supports Pelco coaxitron
  • Supports RS-485 communication protocol (Samsung-T, Samsung-E, Pelco-D, Pelco-P, Bosch, Honeywell, Vicon, Panasonic, GE, AD)
  • 24VAC supply supported
  • Camera control is convenient by using 19 different foreign OSD languages (English, Korean, German, Spanish, Italian, Chinese, Russian, Polish, Japanese, French, Turkish, Czech, Portuguese, Rumanian, Serbian, Taiwanese, Danish, Swedish, Thai)
  • RoHS compliant
  • Complies with part 15 of the FCC rules
Imaging Device 320 x 240 uncooled VOX microbolometer
Sensor Pitch 23.5 μm
Measured Wavelength Range 8 to 14 um, LWIR
Video Ratio (Sensor) 30 fps
Thermal Sensitivity < 80 mK at F1.0
Video Output CVBS 1.0 Vpp / 75 Ω composite, ITU-656 8-bit digital output

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