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18" Microflex Standard Gooseneck Microphones
The Shure Microflex Microphone Series MX418 brings a whole new meaning to the word flexible with their fully adjustable gooseneck. Designed for easy replacement and available in cardioid, supercardioid and omnidirectional polar patterns, the interchangeable cartridges offer wide frequency response and accurate sound reproduction for a wide variety of applications, such as houses of worship, courtrooms and conference centers. The MX-418 condenser cartridges fit every model in the Microflex product line for enhanced convenience and consistent sound.

Wide dynamic range and frequency response for accurate sound reproduction across the audio spectrum
Interchangeable cartridges provide the right polar pattern for every application
Balanced, transformerless output for increased immunity to electromagnetic hum and RF interference over long cable runs
Shock mount provides over 20 dB isolation from surface vibration noise
Locking flange mount for permanently securing microphone to lecterns, pulpits, or conference tables
Snap-fit foam windscreen
Programmable on/off switch and LED on/off indicator (MX412D/MX418D)
New brighter LED improves visibility under strong ambient lighting (MX412D/MX418D)
Logic input and output terminals for remote control or use with automatic microphone mixers (MX412D/MX418D)
Supplied shock mount for more than 20 dB isolation from surface transmitted noise (MX412SE/MX418SE)
Supplied threaded flange mount for permanently securing the microphone to a lectern, pulpit, or conference table (MX412SE/MX418SE)
Frequency Response 50–17000 Hz
Output Impedance 180 ohms actual (EIA rated at 150 ohms)
Sensitivity (At 1,000 Hz, open circuit voltage*) Cardioid= -35.0 dBV/Pa (17.8 mV); Supercardioid= -33.5 dBV/Pa (21.1 mV); Omnidirectional= -27.5 dBV/Pa (42.2 mV); All values -12 dB at 0 gain; *1 Pascal = 94 dB SPL
Maximum SPL (1 kHz at 1% THD, 1 kilohm load) Cardioid= 124.2 dB; Supercardioid= 122.7 dB; Omnidirectional= 116.7 dB; All values 6 dB at 0 gain
Equivalent Output Noise (A-weighted) Cardioid= 28.0 dB SPL; Supercardioid= 26.5 dB SPL; Omnidirectional= 20.5 dB SPL
Signal to Noise Ratio (referenced at 94 dB SPL) Cardioid= 66.0 dB; Supercardioid= 67.5 dB; Omnidirectional= 73.5 dB
Dynamic Range at 1 kilohm load 96.2 dB 100 dB at 0 gain
Common Mode Rejection 45.0 dB minimum
Preamplifier Output Clipping Level (1% THD) -6.0 dBV (0.5 V); -12 dBV at 0 gain
Polarity Positive sound pressure on diaphragm produces positive voltage on pin 2 relative to pin 3 of output connector
Power Requirements 11 to 52 Vdc phantom, 2.0 mA
Environmental Requirements Operating Temperature Range= -18 to 57 degrees C (0 to 135 degrees F); Relative Humidity= 0 to 95%

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