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StarDot Technologies : SDHMSRV4

By: StarDot Technologies
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StarDot Multi-Channel Long Distance Coxial Server; 4 channel

The StarDot Technologies SDHMSRV4 4-Channel MCLDC Network Receiver supports up to 4 MCLDC cameras connected via coaxial cable. The ONVIF Profile S compliant channel receiver can deliver industry standard RTSP H.264 streams to a third party NVR (Network Video Recorder). This receiver comes with the MCLDC (Multi-Channel Long Distance Coaxial) technology.

MCLDC technology utilizes existing coaxial cabling and allows up to 16 high-resolution cameras to share a single cable run up to 1000'. This technology eliminates the need for installing network cabling and assigning IP addresses to each individual camera. MCLDC cameras are able to transmit megapixel video through 1,000' of coaxial cable without a repeater or transmitter; this is because MCLDC cameras transmit DVB-T signals that can travel along coaxial cable.


Available Configurations Include:

SDHMSRV4-USB StarDot Multi-Channel Long Distance Coxial Server, 4 Channel, 12VDC, Dual Strem / USB only

SDHMSRV4-1UPL StarDot Multi-Channel Long Distance Coxial Server, 1U Rack Mounting Plate

SDHMSRV4 features include:

  • Four-channel MCLDC receiver
  • Single coax input for all 4 channels (StarDot MCLDC cameras can be connected to a single cable with a BNC coupler, available separately)
  • Receives megapixel DVB-T video signals
  • Increases bandwidth efficiency with H.264 streaming
  • Retrofit megapixel cameras into a legacy analog installation
  • Long distance data transmission via coaxial infrastructure
  • 12 VDC power
  • ONVIF Profile S compliant
  • Utilizes existing coaxial cabling
  • You can run a single coaxial cable up to 1,000'
  • Connect up to 16 cameras with only one cable run
  • Possible to achieve greater frame rate than IP with increased throughput available through coax
  • Plug-and-Play; eliminates the need for assigning IP addresses to each individual camera
  • Installation method is similar to traditional CCTV installation
  • High-resolution imaging
  • Supports H.264 compression
Number of Channels 4
Connector Coax Connector Type: 1 x 1.0/2.3 DIN female, 75 Ω
Network RJ45 10/100 Network Connection

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