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Pressurized tubular housing, 24vac or 12vdc input

The Videolarm PFH10C2W Fusion Pressurized and Fusion Dust-Proof tubular camera enclosures protect fixed IP cameras and lenses from debris, chemicals and other contaminants, extending the life of cameras and reducing service calls. Adaptable to a multitude of outdoor surveillance applications, the Fusion Series leverages more than 30 years of camera enclosure engineering into a high-performance, modern solution for optimal camera protection, flexibility and ease of installation. 


Available Configurations Include:

PFH10C2WY Pressurized tubular housing, 24vac or 12vdc input, heater & blower with feed-thru wall/pole mount, adjustable sunshield

The rugged Fusion Tubular Housings are constructed of treated aircraft-grade aluminum and 316-stainless steel hardware to protect cameras – even in harsh, corrosive environments. With an IP67-rating, the Fusion Pressurized Housings are able to thrive in hostile environments such as sea ports, food processing plants, transportation, and dusty mining applications. Each pressurized unit includes a specially-engineered 16-pin hermetically-sealed connector for all connections into the housing. A heavy-duty feed through wall/pole mount, with conduit input, protects and conceals wiring

PFH10C2W features include:

  • Meets IP67 and NEMA Type 4X standards
  • Powder coated aluminum and 316 stainless steel hardware
  • Thermostatically controlled heater, with continuous blower
  • 5-7psi pressure relief valve eliminates over pressurization
  • Schraeder valve to fill the housing with Nitrogen or another clean stable gas
  • PoE or 12/24v input model
  • PoE Ready models:
    - PoE Plus IEEE802.3at compliant device / compatible with any PoE, IEEE802.3af camera
    - True PoE power to the camera (no splitter needed for camera)
    - DPA ensures maximum power to the camera with remaining power provided to the H&B
    - Automatically adjusts to power loss for long cable runs
    - Standard wall / pole mount (no pole adapters needed)
    - DPA ensures maximum power to the camera

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