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Ensemble Designs : BE-26

By: Ensemble Designs
Digital Video Products for Broadcast and Post Production Facilities
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BrightEye 26 Analog Video/Audio to SDI/Optical Converter with TBC and Embedder (Transmitter)

BrightEye 26 converts analog composite video to SD SDI, with simultaneous conversion of four channels of audio and embedding. It is similar to the BrightEye 25, with the addition of an optical output. A TBC/Frame Sync is a standard feature and allows this BrightEye to work with any sort of video input. Great for broadcast and desktop applications, BrightEye 26 can be used with sources such as VTRs and incoming satellite feeds.

The analog input is converted at 12 bits of resolution and digitally decoded to 10 bit YCrCb components. The signal is then time base corrected and frame synchronized to the reference input. The audio is converted to digital and then it passes through the built-in four channel mixer with shuffle and level control. The video and audio signals join up in an embedder which can be targeted to any of the four groups.

2 or 4 Channel Audio Converter

Analog and Digital Inputs

Analog and Digital Outputs

Bi-directional ADC/DAC

Sample Rate Converter

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