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Ensemble Designs : BE-30

By: Ensemble Designs
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BrightEye 30 Audio ADC and DAC, Bi-directional

BrightEye 30 is a flexible audio converter that can be a two channel, bi-directional ADC and DAC, or it can be configured as a four channel converter. Perfect in desktop, post and broadcast applications, 24 bit processing ensures beautiful audio.

As a bi-directional converter, two channels of analog audio are converted to AES digital audio and at the same time an AES stream is converted to two channels of analog.

Alternately, the unit can be configured as a four channel AES to analog converter or a four channel analog to AES converter.

BrightEye 30 also serves as a sample rate converter. For example, a digital 44.1 KHz signal from a CD player can be fed to the input and a digital AES3id, 48 KHz signal synchronous to the reference input will be output. Audio mixing, level adjustments, and channel shuffling are accessed through BrightEye Mac or PC software. A variety of audio connectors and adapters are available for integrating BrightEye 30 to any type of system.

2 or 4 Channel Audio Converter

Analog and Digital Inputs

Analog and Digital Outputs

Bi-directional ADC/DAC

Sample Rate Converter

Also available:

BE30-D BrightEye 30    D Audio ADC and DAC, Bi-directional, with adjustable delay

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