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Ensemble Designs : BE-54

By: Ensemble Designs
Digital Video Products for Broadcast and Post Production Facilities
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BrightEye 54 Sync Generator and Test Signal Generator

BrightEye 54 is a master sync generator and test signal generator that is perfect as a master reference generator for remote trucks, desktop and fly packs. It is a stable timing source, operating from an internal precision standard that meets full broadcast specifications.

Color Black, Bars, Crosshatch, Multiburst, and SDI Checkfield (Pathological) are just some of the signals simultaneously available on the SDI and analog composite outputs.

An ID slate with user programmable text can overlay the test pattern. The cyclops feature adds a motion element to the video test signal, handy for live applications.

Reference Generator for All Video and Audio Gear

Sync Pulse Generator

Test Signal Generator

Composite, SDI, Tri-Level Outputs

Audio Outputs

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