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Morovision : MVL-MPM-000-A10

By: Morovision
Night Vision Thermal Imaging
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MIPIM Visible / IR Aiming Lasers, IR Illuminator, Flashlight

The Morovision MVL-MPM-000-A10 L-3 AN/PEQ-16 is a multi-purpose sighting tool used to acquire and eliminate targets in low light or no light situations. This laser sight features integrated visual and infrared aiming lasers for precision accuracy, especially when combined with night vision equipment. A variable-focus IR illuminator on board allows you to use night vision goggles even in situations where there is absolutely no natural light, allowing you to sight targets when you wouldn’t normally be able to see at all. The laser sight also includes a high powered, white light flashlight with variable focus. Utilize the AN/PEQ-16 MIPIM Mini Laser Sight to decimate your opponent in utter darkness.

MVL-MPM-000-A10 features include:

  • 4mW red aiming laser: 23 yd maximum range
  • 25 IR aiming laser: 1828 yd maximum range, 0.5 mrad low output setting
  • 30mW IR illuminator: 1828 yd maximum range, 1-105 mrad adjustment range
  • 100 lumen light
  • Mode selector dial
  • Pressure pad activation switch
  • Adjustable windage and elevation
  • Tethered laser and light covers
  • Impact-resistant polymer housing with water-resistant sealing
  • Weight: 9.9 oz
Type Red Aiming Laser: Class IIIa


IR Aiming Laser: Class IIIb

IR Illuminator: Class IIIb

White Illuminator: Incandescent bulb

Output Power Red Aiming Laser: 4 mW


IR Aiming Laser: 25 mW, 0.6 mW

IR Illuminator: 30 mW, 3.5 mW

White Illuminator: 100 lumen

Peak Wavelength Red Aiming Laser: 635 nm


IR Aiming Laser: 840 nm

IR Illuminator: 840 nm

White Illuminator: Not applicable

Beam Divergence Red Aiming Laser: 0.5 mrad


IR Aiming Laser: 0.5 mrad

IR Illuminator: 1 - 105 mrad

White Illuminator: Not applicable

Range of Visible Illumination Red Aiming Laser: Up to (25 m)


IR Aiming Laser: Up to (2000 m)

IR Illuminator: Up to (2000 m)

White Illuminator: Not specified by manufacturer

Power Supply (2) CR123 batteries
Runtime Not specified by manufacturer
Waterproofing Not specified by manufacturer
Dimensions 4.1 x 3.2 x 1.7" (10 x 8 x 4 cm)
Weight (with Batteries) 9.9 oz (281 g)

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