By: Tamron
CCTV, Industrial FA/Machine Vision Lenses
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1/1.8" 15-50mm F/1.4 (Model DE005)

Common ITS installations now suffer from considerable limitation when they combine an FA camera with a fixed-focal length lens. Because fixed focal length lenses offer a single angle of view, changes in the output view can be achieved only by physically changing the camera"s mounting location. Instead, Tamron's new DE005 1/1.8", 15-50mm, F/1.4 lens with remote zoom and focus delivers remarkable versatility while resolving many installation challenges. A compact design enables PTZ dome installations, making the Tamron DE005 3 mega-pixel integrated zoom lens ideal for new systems and an efficient means to seamlessly upgrade existing cameras.

Imager Size 1/1.8"、1/2"、1/3"
Mount Built-In
Focal Length 15-50mm
Aperture Range F/1.4 ~ close
Iris Type DC

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