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PSM®200 Wireless Personal Monitoring System with SE215-CL Earphones

The Shure P2TR215CL is a multi channel, 8 frequency UHF wireless monitoring system in the PSM 200 family, sold as a complete kit, consisting of the P2T transmixer, a combination transmitter and dual input mono mixer, the P2R receiver, and the SE215 stereo earphones. Wireless in-ear monitoring provides much more mobility on the stage and effectively eliminates the need for stage monitors, thus offering the performers a much roomier stage and a feedback-free environment for the house and monitor engineers. This uniquely designed and budget-conscious hybrid system offers both wired and wireless connectivity to both performer and engineer.

The P2T transmixer provides the connector link to the house or monitor mixing console, supporting both balanced and unbalanced feeds. Compact, with accessible level controls and offering the input and routing capabilities of a small mixer, the transmixer also offers a respectable RF output for cleaner and more reliable reception on stage.

The P2R portable beltpack receiver is the personal onstage monitoring component of the PSM 200 wireless monitoring system. The P2R offers a very lightweight and compact plastic construction, and is visually inconspicuous. The sound is clear and the reception reliable, and the unique addition of a 1/4" jack offers the performer wired connectivity to additional mix sources such as a direct box or instrument processor.

The SE215 earphones provide a reliable earpiece solution for the PSM 200 series receivers or other receivers in the PSM family of in ear monitor systems. They use Dynamic MicroSpeakers to deliver clear, natural audio with an extended bass response for a rich, lifelike listening experience. A personalized fit kit ensures that you get the best comfort and sound isolation possible. The in-ear design allows the earphones to effectively reduce ambient noise by as much as 90 percent. The detachable cable can be easily replaced, and the 3.5mm plug offers wide compatibility.

P2TR215CL features include:

  • UHF Wireless Monitoring
  • Includes P2T Transmixer
  • Includes P2R Beltpack Receiver
  • Includes SE215 In-Ear Headphones
RF Output Power 30mW (+15dBm)
Frequency Selection Push to Select Button
Frequency Indicators LED Displays Selected Frequency, 1-8
Antenna External 1/4 Wavelength, Semi-rigid, Permanently Mounted
Audio Input Connectors Combined 1/4" and XLR Left and Right
Nominal Input Level -25dBu at 1/2 Volume
Maximum Input Level -5dBu at 1/2 Volume
Input Pad Switch No
Phantom Power Protection Yes, up to 52VDC
Loop In/Out Connectors No
Loop I/O Nominal Input Level No
Loop I/O Maximum Input Level No
Limiting Built-in, Fixed Threshold
Power Requirements External Power Supply, 120VAC
Dimensions (WxDxH) 8.6 x 5.6 x 1.7" (218 x 142 x 43mm)
Weight 13 oz (369g)

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