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Video Conversion
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Analog to DVI-D Up Converter

The TV One 1T-V1280DVI Video Scaler is an ultra compact video to DVI-D PC/HD up-converter that features inputs for Composite Video, YC and Component 480i/576i YUV Video. The output resolution and refresh rate can be selected from a wide variety of presets. The output format is RGBHV. The integral processor provides control over many signal parameters, such as Contrast, Brightness, Color and Hue (NTSC).

The unit is 5VDC powered and the Power Adapters are included. Locking DC Connectors are provided for security

1T-V1280DVI features include:

  • Upconverts from standard NTSC video to multi-scan and HDTV video.
  • The user has the ability to control the input signal parameters of brightness, contrast, hue and color
  • A locking DC power connector is offered for security purposes.
Input Composite Video, on an RCA connector
Y/C Video, on a 4-Pin Connector
Component Video, on an 8-Pin connector with Breakout
Output DVI Digital Video, up to 1280x1024, or up to 1080i HDTV, on a DVI connector
Conversion Analog Component, Composite and Y/C Video to DVI Digital, High Resolution, Multi-Scan Video

Note: The 1080i signal is actually a doubled 540p signal, which is recognized as 1080i by most HDTV monitoring devices.

Control Side Panel:
Menu Selection
Menu Navigation
Signal Parameters
Power Source 5 VDC on a Supplied AC Adapter
Dimensions (WxDxH) 5.75 x 3 x 1.2"
14.6 x 7.6 x 3cm
Weight 10 oz
285 grams

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