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8x8 Modular Matrix - Chassis Only

The Tv One MOD-848 8x8 Modular Matrix provides an all-in-one professional solution to route up to 8 DVI or DisplayPort sources to any 8 DVI outputs, supporting resolutions up to 1920 x 1200. The modular design of this 8x8 matrix provides the ultimate in flexibility by allowing the combination of different input and output cards and the extension of inputs and outputs over CAT5-ELR or fiber. The front-panel LCD displays the current routing status. Each source is accessible to any display by using the front-panel push buttons, the RS-232 interface, or through IP Control (with built-in web server, Telnet, and UDP). Hot-swappable dual redundant power supplies allow these matrixes to be used in demanding 24/7 applications where enhanced reliability, ease of servicing, and zero down-time are required.

Connect up to 8 DVI or DisplayPort sources to the inputs on the MOD-848 8x8 Modular Matrix. DVI sources can be connected directly, or using CAT-5 or fiber, depending on input card used. Connect up to 8 displays via DVI, CAT-5, or Fiber Optic cables depending on which output card is utilized. Connect an Ethernet cable from the network to the RJ-45 connector to use the built-in web server, Telnet, or UDP capability to control routing, EDID, and other functions. Connect an RS-232 cable from a RS-232 control device to control the matrix via RS-232. Connect the included AC power cords to the matrix and plug them into available electrical outlets. All sources will be routed as selected.


Available Configurations Include:

MOD-848-1FO MOD-848 with 8x DVI-1FO-S, 1x MOD-8FO-R, 1x DVI-8FO-S, 8x DVI-1FO-R  
MOD-848-DP1FO MOD-848 with 1x DVI-8FO-S, 8x DVI-1FO-R, 1x MOD-8DP-I  
MOD-848-DPDVI MOD-848 with 1x MOD-8DP-I, 1x MOD-8DVI-O  
MOD-848-DPELR MOD-848 with 1x DVI-8ELR-S, 8x DVI-ELRPOL-R, 2x MOD-8DPI  
MOD-848-DVI MOD-848 with 1x MOD-8DVI-I, 1x MOD-8DVI-O  
MOD-848-DVI1FO MOD-848 with 1x DVI-8FO-S, 8x DVI-1FO-R, 1x MOD-8DVI-I  
MOD-848-DVIELR MOD-848 with 1x DVI-8ELR-S, 8x DVI-ELRPOL-R, 1x MOD-8DVI-I  

MOD-848 features include:

·         Modular input and output card, each with eight connectors
·         Supports resolutions up to 1920 x 1200
·         Advanced EDID management for rapid integration of sources and displays
·         RS-232 Serial interface for remote control via a computer or automation control system
·         Built-in web server, Telnet, and UDP control via IP
·         IR control via front panel sensor and rear panel IR port
·         Front-panel LCD display
·         Front-panel push buttons for local switching
·         Routing states can be stored and recalled at the touch of a button
·         Dual redundant hot-swappable power supplies
·         Removable and replaceable fan and filter modules
·         Output masking command
·         Rack-mountable

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