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Wall Plate DigitalMedia CAT Receiver black textured

The DM-RX1-1G is a DM® CAT receiver that installs in a single-gang electrical box to provide a convenient interface for a single display device as part of a complete Crestron® DigitalMedia™ system. The DM-RX1-1G is ideal for wall, lectern, and floor box applications in a boardroom, classroom, auditorium, or residence. It provides a single HDMI® output and connects to the head end using a single Crestron DM cable[1]. Standard gang-box mounting allows for installation adjacent to an Ethernet jack (Crestron MP-WP183 or equivalent) for a total connectivity solution[2].


Available Configurations Include:

DM-RX1-1G-W-T Wall Plate DigitalMedia™ CAT Receiver, White Textured

DM-RX1-1G features include:

  • DigitalMedia™ CAT receiver and HDMI® display interface
  • DM® CAT input supports up to 425 ft (130 m) cable length[1]
  • Provides one HDMI® or DVI display output[3]
  • Handles HD video with 3D and HDCP
  • Handles Dolby® TrueHD, DTS-HD Master Audio™, and uncompressed 7.1 linear PCM audio
  • Compact 1-gang wall box mount design
  • Also fits in a typical 6" deep floor box
  • Available in black or white finish
  • Powered over the DMNet® connection
  Input Signal Type DM® CAT (DigitalMedia™ over twisted-pair copper wire)
  Output Signal Type HDMI®, DVI[3]
  Formats HDMI with 3D, DVI, HDCP content protection support
  Input Resolutions, Progressive 640x480@60Hz, 720x480@60Hz (480p), 720x576@50Hz (576p), 800x600@60Hz, 848x480@60Hz, 852x480@60Hz, 854x480@60Hz, 1024x768@60Hz, 1024x852@60Hz, 1024x1024@60Hz, 1280x720@50Hz (720p50), 1280x720@60Hz (720p60), 1280x768@60Hz, 1280x800@60Hz, 1280x960@60Hz, 1280x1024@60Hz, 1360x768@60Hz, 1365x1024@60Hz, 1366x768@60Hz, 1400x1050@60Hz, 1440x900@60Hz, 1600x900@60Hz, 1600x1200@60Hz, 1680x1050@60Hz, 1920x1080@24Hz (1080p24), 1920x1080@25Hz (1080p25), 1920x1080@50Hz (1080p50), 1920x1080@60Hz (1080p60), 1920x1200@60Hz, 2048x1080@24Hz, 2048x1152@60Hz, plus any other resolution allowed by HDMI up to 165MHz pixel clock
  Input Resolutions, Interlaced 720x480@30Hz (480i), 720x576@25Hz (576i), 1920x1080@25Hz (1080i25), 1920x1080@30Hz (1080i30), plus any other resolution allowed by HDMI up to 165MHz pixel clock
  Output Resolutions Matched to input
  Input Signal Type DM CAT
  Output Signal Type HDMI
  Formats Dolby Digital®, Dolby Digital EX, Dolby Digital Plus, Dolby® TrueHD, DTS®, DTS-ES, DTS 96/24, DTS-HD High Res, DTS-HD Master Audio™, Up to 8ch PCM
  DigitalMedia DM CAT, DMNet®
Connectors – Front
  HDMI OUT (1) 19-pin Type A HDMI female;
HDMI digital video/audio output;
Also supports DVI[3]
Connectors – Rear
  D, M (1) DM CAT input composed of (16) captive screw terminals with (2) grounded strain reliefs;
Connects to DM CAT output of a DM switcher via DM-CBL cable[1]
  G B A 24 (1) DMNet port composed of (4) captive screw terminals;
Connects to DMNet port of a DM switcher via DM-CBL cable[1]
  G (1) Flying lead, chassis ground connection
DM Cable Length
  Cable Type:
DM-CBL DigitalMedia Cable

Maximum length without repeaters, or after last repeater:

  • 175 ft (53 m) for 720p, 1080i, 1080p24
  • 175 ft (53 m) for 1024x768 @75Hz
  • 125 ft (38 m) for 1080p60
  • 125 ft (38 m) for 1280x1024 @75Hz
  • 125 ft (38 m) for 1920x1200 @60Hz
  • 100 ft (30 m) for 1600x1200 @60Hz

Maximum length between or before repeaters:

  • 200 ft (60 m) for 720p, 1080i, 1080p24
  • 200 ft (60 m) for 1024x768 @75Hz
  • 150 ft (45 m) for 1080p60
  • 150 ft (45 m) for 1280x1024 @75Hz
  • 150 ft (45 m) for 1920x1200 @60Hz
  • 125 ft (38 m) for 1600x1200 @60Hz

Maximum total length using up to 2 repeaters:

  • 425 ft (130 m) for 720p, 1080i, 1080p24
  • 425 ft (130 m) for 1024x768 @75Hz
  • 425 ft (130 m) for 1080p60
  • 425 ft (130 m) for 1280x1024 @75Hz
  • 425 ft (130 m) for 1920x1200 @60Hz
  • 350 ft (106 m) for 1600x1200 @60Hz
Controls & Indicators
  PWR/LINK (1) dual-color amber/green LED, amber indicates operating power supplied via DMNet, green indicates DM link status
  RESET (1) miniature recessed pushbutton for hardware reset
Power Requirements
  DMNet Power Usage 5 Watts (0.21 Amps @ 24 Volts DC)
  Temperature 32° to 104°F (0° to 40°C)
  Humidity 10% to 90% RH (non-condensing)
  Heat Dissipation 17 BTU/Hr
  Construction Metal
  Flush Mount Mounts in a 1-gang electrical box or in a 1-gang opening in a typical 6 inch deep floor box, 2.5 inch minimum mounting depth required, decorator style faceplate not included
  Rack Mount Mountable to a single 19-inch EIA rack rail
  Height 4.12 in (105 mm)
  Width 1.72 in (44 mm)
  Depth 2.09 in (53 mm)
  5.9 oz (166 g)

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