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Redundant Power Center

The Datavideo PD-4A is a Power Distributor with redundant power supply.



Also Available:


PD-6                           19″ 1RU rack mountable universal AC to DC Power Distributor, designed to supply steady and sequenced voltage for production kit while on location or in your studio. It has 8 DC Outputs, with each output able to switch between 12, 14.4, 24, or 48V.
DDC-2512                           DC voltage regulator
  • Ideal for any installed or Mobile Studio
  • Input Connections
     - AC: 100-240V AC Max 6.3A, 50Hz or 60Hz (2x AC Input w/ Power Switch)
     - DC: 12V 300W
  • Output Connections
     - x3 12v 5A XLR DC Female
     - x2 12v 10A XLR DC Female
  • Redundant Power
    With two AC power supplies, the PD-4 will still supply energy to your devices, even if one power source fails.
  • Built-in time delay power-on control to initiate each DC output termal in sequence
  • 19" 1U rack size

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