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Varizoom : VZTOC-ZFI3

By: Varizoom
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3-Ch. (w/ 3 motors) Touchscreen Wireless Zoom/Focus/Iris Lens Drive Sys.

The VariZoom VZTOC-ZFi3 Wireless Follow Focus System is comprised of a 3-channel handheld control unit, a 3-channel wireless receiver, and three motorized drive gears. VariZoom also supplies three universal gear sets, which each include four interchangeable gears for use with virtually any film or video lens. The control unit and receiver support wireless distances of up to 1000' with line of sight. The control unit and receiver can also operate as a wired system, which can be useful for situations where there is RF interference.

The control knob features fluid drag and a touchscreen with an intuitive GUI for adjusting all parameters. There is also an iris and focus marking panel with an LED backlight for improved visibility. The lens drive motors uses a single rod clamp for mounting onto a 19mm or 15mm rod. In addition, the motor system features auto and manual calibration for hassle-free setup.

VZTOC-ZFI3 features include:

  • 3-Channel Capable Wireless Zoom, Focus & Iris Lens Drive System (3 motors)
  • 3-Channel Hand Unit, 3-Ch Receiver, 3 Motors w/ Universal Gear Sets
  • Touchscreen Control Menu w/ Auto or Manual Calibrate Modes
  • Force-Sensitive Thumb Control Offers Superior Command of Zoom Speed
  • Wireless Range to 1000', Wired Option w/ Purchase of Cable
  • Customizable Knob & Lens Limits for Scaling (expand or contract control range)
  • Variable Smoothing allows instantaneous response or soft start/stop
  • Variable Backlash compensation for sloppy lenses
  • Onscreen Help Menu for troubleshooting
  • Redundant backup pushbuttons for operating GUI
  • Defeatable LED backlighting for focus marker ring and iris marker strip
  • Signal strength LED indicators for wireless
  • Robust fluid drag hand knob for focus
  • Auto-calibrating motors for quick setup on any lens
  • Manual calibration mode for lenses without end stops
  • Record start/stop - cable must be purchased and connection type specified
  • Power compensation setting for looser or stiffer lenses
  • "Reset All" one touch button to clear all settings
  • Battery monitor gauge
  • Lanyard for wrist/neck included w/ hand unit
  • Waterproof extreme-duty hard carrying case
  • Universal gear set
  • Rod clamp for 15mm/19mm rods (19-15 step down bushing included)
  • 2 year warranty
  • Rechargeable Canon BP-927 type battery included w/ universal travel charger
  • High power custom VariZoom motors utilize expensive drive cores and proprietary gear train
  • Receiver can be powered from 12-24VDC using D-tap, XLR, Lemo, Fischer or other camera DC outputs -
  • Customer must specify receiver power cable (XLR, D-tap, etc.) - 1 cable included w/ system at no charge
  • Integrates with Cinema Pro or Cinema Pro Jr motion control heads for full 5-channel repeatable camera control
Wireless Range Up to 1000' w/ line of sight
Power 7.2VDC Canon BP-927 type battery
Battery Life Approx. 5 hours, longer w/ extended batteries
Components 3-ch hand unit, 3 motors, 3-ch capable receiver, 2 antennae, 3 universal gear sets (0.6M Fujinon, 48DP/0.5M Canon, 32DP/0.8M Film, 64DP "Iris"), Battery, Charger, Customer-Specified Receiver Power Cable, Hard Case
System Weight in Case 9 lbs
Case Dimensions 15.5" x 12" x 7"
Hand Unit Weight 27 oz
Hand Unit Dimensions (no antenna): 5.1" W x 7.65" L x 3.2" D
Receiver Weight 11.6 oz
Receiver Dimensions (no antenna) 4.75" L x 3.7" W x 1.3" D
Antenna Dimensions Add-On 1.85" L
Motor Weight 10.4 oz
Motor Dimensions 5.135" L x 2.43" W x 1.05 D ; Cable = 18" L
Charger Weight/Dimensions 3.1 oz / 4.5" x 2.8" x 1.1"
Battery Weight 3.3 oz
Warranty 2 years parts/labor
Returns 20% restocking fee within 30 days of purchase

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Prices and specifications subject to change without notice.