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American Dynamics : ADVED00N0N4A

By: American Dynamics
Video Based Security and Integration Solutions
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VideoEdge NVR Desktop with 4 IP camera license, no internal storage

VideoEdge is one of the fastest and most powerful NVRs in the industry, and works with a variety of intuitive clients to help customers manage surveillance in very active environments. With a variety of form factors and capacities, VideoEdge ADVED00N0N4A offers a solution that will best suit your surveillance requirements. VideoEdge software utilizes a SUSE Linux operating system with JeOS (Just enough Operating System), and is easy to install and configure, saving hours of time. ADVED00N0N4A supports dual-streaming cameras, with the bundled server version supporting a total of 800Mbps of video throughput. VideoEdge enables multiple video streams for live, record, alarm bump, and meta-data collection. VideoEdge features the industry-first Smart Search for lightning fast searches enabling you to export your event findings more quickly and easily than ever before.

Using the victor client with VideoEdge allows you to leverage high-performance video streaming, audio, motion meta-data and an expansive feature set. Visit the victor web page for more information on the power of the victor solution.

  • 64 bit SUSE Linux Operating System - JeOS (Just enough Operating System)
  • Dynamic Bandwidth Management - Enable communication over narrow bandwidth connections and advanced tools to coexist on local area networks
  • Embedded video analytics - VideoEdge provides six video analytics rules. Licenses are registered to the NVR and not specific camera providing flexible operation
  • Simple installation and set-up - Intuitive administrative client for a greatly enhanced user experience
  • Health Monitoring provides real-time status of your system
  • Video Vault saves analytics data without any time limits
  • Auto-populated templates speeds up installation
  • VideoEdge Go mobile app provides visibility of your video surveillance from anywhere
  • Use with victor unified client for an incredibly intuitive experience
  • The VideoEdge Desktop supports up to 32 dual-streaming cameras, and a total of 200Mbps of video throughput (100Mbps to disc/100Mbps to clients)
  • Storage is available with no internal storage, 2TB or 4TB options
  • Advanced network management and multiple NIC configurations high value and efficiency
  • Storage management supports single and multipath storage solution connection over USB only
  • Supports ONVIF Profile S
  • Local storage video vaulting and external storage archiving
  • Thumbnail search results
  • POS text insertion
  • Recorder failover

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Prices and specifications subject to change without notice.