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Dedicated Micros : DM/NTSTR/0GB

By: Dedicated Micros
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Storage Exp 4 cdy eSATA /USB No drives

The Dedicated Micros recommend the use of the DM/NTSTR/0G BNetStor Product for use with all Dedicated Micros latest generation of Digital video recorders, NVR’s and servers. The product is a 4 bay storage unit, taking 3.5” drives which can be configured using the IOI eSATA / USB storage controller. The interface can be configured as either RAID1 (Mirrored storage) or RAID5 (3+1 Parity), or as a JBOD collection of drives. This provides a product with interface options for all the DM product range (Excluding Eco, DS2 and BX2). The product range consists of a 0GB product, so that customers can select the drives that are appropriate for their application, but can also be provided populated with 1,2 or 3TB Enterprise drives to provide raw storage capacity of 4, 8 or 12TB. Please note that in RAID1 (Mirrored), the effective storage available is half the raw capacity and in RAID 5 (Striped and Parity), the effective storage is 3/4 of the raw capacity.


Available Configurations Include:

DM/NTSTR/4TB Storage Exp 4 cdy eSATA /USB 4TB
DM/NTSTR/8TB Storage Exp 4 cdy eSATA /USB 8TB
DM/NTSTR/12TB Storage Exp 4 cdy eSATA /USB 12TB

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Prices and specifications subject to change without notice.