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Dedicated Micros : DM/LS/ANP1-PM

By: Dedicated Micros
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Plate monitoring license 1 Ch

The Dedicated Micros DM/LS/ANP1-PM Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) solution brings all the effective capabilities of larger traffic monitoring systems to within the affordable reach of even the smallest of private car park operators.

By utilising our unique NetVu Connected Technology and AnalyticsCapable devices Dedicated Micros is able to offer ANPR to existing CCTV owners and operators on a simple, building block level, letting customers extend existing CCTV systems with analytics technology without the costly need to re-design and re-install their network.


Available Configurations Include:

DM/LS/ANP1-MC Monitoring and control 1 Ch
DM/LS/ANP1-RA Regular Attendee 1 Ch                        DM/LS/ANPIP1-MC Monitoring and control
DM/LS/ANPIP1-RA Regular Attendee

DM/LS/ANP1-PM features include:

  • Analytics Components and Solutions include ANPR Monitoring, Object Left/Removed and Detection Tripwire, ANPR
  • Monitoring & Control, ANPR Regular Attendee and Counting Tripwire
  • Bespoke Analytics Solutions available
  • Seamless integration with NetVu Connected products
  • Local and remote display of analytic events
  • Per DVR/Video Server licences - no hardware upgrade required
  • Deploy analytics as required without the need to upgrade their whole CCTV system
  • Seamless control and viewing from a single platform
  • Multiple components can be combined on the same camera channel (Tripwire and Object Left/Removed)
  • Full interoperability with AnalyticsCapable DVR’s
  • Alarms raised by the analytics software can be viewed
  • monitor and record licence plate details,with output stored in a database and associated with video via
  • text-in-image. Images can be viewed live or in playback

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Prices and specifications subject to change without notice.