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PowerTap DC-Output Adapter for V-Mount Equipment

The IDX A-E2DT-2 is designed to provide a conveniently located PowerTap connector to cameras that are already V-mount capable. This adapter-plate fits between the V-mount plate and the battery and puts a DC output connector, most usually used for powering an on-camera sungun, at the back of the camera where cables would be out of the way.

A-E2DT-2 features include:

  • V-Mount (male) to V-Mount (female) adaptor plate.
  • 50W 2-pin D-Tap connector uses battery voltage to power an onboard camera light, television or broadcast accessories.
  • Digi-View data connectors are installed. Digital battery capacity data from the ENDURA ELITE, E-HL9, E-10 and E-7 can be transferred through the A-E2DT-2 to compatible viewfinders found in most cameras. For accuracy and detail, remaining capacity is shown in steps of 1%.
  • Precise tooling and high-grade components enhance a design that offers a secure lock onto the Battery for an exact fit connecting the mount’s power terminals.

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