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Wireless Receiver Mounting Bracket

The IDX A-WMR Wireless Receiver Mounting Bracket is an optional adapter designed to mount HD-drives and wireless receivers to your V-mount compatible camera, such as the CW-5HD and AC-100. The bracket's adjustable screws adjust for depth and various accessory types, and the rear panel may be removed if necessary. The bracket's D-Tap power output connector sends up to 50 watts from a connected battery for powering an on-board camera light.

A-MWR features include:

  • Mount wireless receiver or accessory on side or back
  • Mounts directly to an existing V-Mount
  • Retractable bracket enables all IDX batteries to mount, even in PowerLink
  • D-Tap power output available on battery plate
Power 50W Output Max
Dimensions (WxHxD) 4.53 x 6.02 x 4.02 - 6.02" (115 x 153 x 102 - 153mm)
Weight 1.15 lb (520g)

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