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Dual NP Battery Holder with Digi-View

The IDX NH-201 is an economical NP-style battery holder. Designed to withstand the rigors of location shooting, the NH-201 is constructed of an ABS plastic and easily attaches to the back of a camcorder. A "snap-tight" lid encloses two NP-style batteries inside the NH-201, keeping environmental contaminants, such as dust off of the batteries. Four screws allow a wireless receiver bracket to be attached to the back of the holder.

The NH-201 also offers IDX's exclusive Digi-View™ technology. Digi-View enables the battery to send an accurate display of its current capacity, to the camcorders viewfinder.


Available Configurations Include:

NH-201AB Dual NP Battery Holder with 3-Stud Mount 
NH-201V Dual NP Battery Holder with V-Mount 
NH-202           Dual NP Battery Holder with 2-pin D-Tap, Digi-View and Syncron
NH-204 Dual NP Battery Holder with 4-pin XLR, Digi-View and Syncron
NH-204V Dual NP Battery Holder with 4-pin XLR, Syncron and V-Mount Adaptor



3.82(W) x 7.87(H) x 2.95(D) inch
97(W) x 199(H) x 74(D) mm

Weight:  299g / 0.66lbs approx.

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