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5.7" Wireless Touch Screen

The next generation TST-600 Wireless Touch Screen from Crestron® delivers enhanced wireless control for the home, boardroom, or classroom in a stylish, ergonomic design. Featuring a high-contrast 5.7" capacitive touch screen, advanced Smart Graphics™, Rava™ SIP Intercom, high-performance H.264 streaming video, audio feedback, optional backlit pushbuttons, and dual-mode RF wireless performance, the TST-600 offers a mobile touch screen experience like no other.


Available Configurations Include:

TST-600-B-S 5.7" Wireless Touch Screen, Black Smooth; includes TST-600-DS, TST-600-IMCW, PW-2407WU, TST-600-BTP, and TST-600-FP-NB
TST-600-B-T 5.7" Wireless Touch Screen, Black Textured; includes TST-600-DS, TST-600-IMCW, PW-2407WU, TST-600-BTP, and TST-600-FP-NB
TST-600-W-S 5.7" Wireless Touch Screen, White Smooth; includes TST-600-DS, TST-600-IMCW, PW-2407WU, TST-600-BTP, and TST-600-FP-NB
TST-600-WALL-B-S 5.7" Wall Mount Wireless Touch Screen, Black Smooth; includes TST-600-DSW-B-S, TST-600-BTP, and TST-600-FPB-S-NB
TST-600-WALL-B-T 5.7" Wall Mount Wireless Touch Screen, Black Textured; includes TST-600-DSW-B-T, TST-600-BTP, and TST-600-FPB-T-NB
TST-600-WALL-W-S 5.7" Wall Mount Wireless Touch Screen, White Smooth; includes TST-600-DSW-W-S, TST-600-BTP, and TST-600-FPW-S-NB

TST-600 features include:

  • Advanced wireless touch screen controller
  • Compact, lightweight contoured design
  • 5.7" TFT active matrix color LCD display
  • Capacitive touch screen technology
  • Smart Graphics™ support[1]
  • High-performance H.264 streaming video[3]
  • Rava™ SIP intercom and phone technology[3]
  • Customizable audio feedback
  • Built-in microphone and speakers
  • Illuminated buttons and engravable backlit text[2]
  • No-button front bezel option included
  • Dual-mode RF wireless performance — Extended Range 2.4 GHz RF plus Wi-Fi®[8]
  • Instant-Waking® behavior — like an IR remote with all the benefits of 2-way RF!
  • Low-profile tabletop docking station[9,10]
  • Available in smooth black or white, or textured black finishes
Touch Screen Display
  Display Type TFT Active matrix color LCD
  Size 5.7 inch (145 mm) diagonal
  Aspect Ratio 4:3 VGA
  Resolution 640 x 480 pixels
  Brightness 350 nits (cd/m²)
  Contrast 800:1
  Color Depth 18-bit, 262k colors
  Illumination Edgelit LED
  Viewing Angle ±80° horizontal, ±70° vertical
  Touch Screen Projected Capacitive
Buttons, Switches, & Indicators
  Sleep (1) Top-mounted pushbutton (left); programmable, normally initiates “Sleep” mode when docked, turns power on/off when undocked; also resets the unit if held for 5 seconds
  Brightness (1) Top-mounted pushbutton (right); programmable, normally sets display brightness level
  Hard Keys (8) Optional pushbuttons, programmable, engravable backlit text[2]
  Up/Down (2) Optional backlit translucent “up/down” pushbuttons, programmable, engravable backlit text on bezel[2]
  Thumbpad (5) Optional backlit translucent pushbuttons for 4-way directional navigation and “enter”, programmable
  Battery Switch (1) Rear panel recessed slide switch, shuts off battery for long-term storage
  Battery LED (1) Green LED, indicates battery condition and charging status when docked
  Flash 4 GB
  Maximum Project Size 512 MB
Graphics Engine
  Supports Smart Graphics™ [1]
Wireless Communication (Primary) – Extended Range RF [8]
  RF Transceiver 2-way RF, 2.4 GHz ISM Channels 11-26 (2400 to 2483.5 MHz), IEEE 802.15.4 compliant
  Transmitting Power 75 mW (Ch.11), 100 mW (Ch.12-23), 15 mW (Ch.24), 3.5 mW (Ch.25), 1 mW (Ch.26) @ High Setting; 1 mW (Ch.11-25), 0.5 mW (Ch.26) @ Low Setting
  Range (typical) 100 to 200 feet (30 to 60 m) maximum indoor, 1000 feet (300 m) outdoor, subject to site-specific conditions, roaming is currently not supported
  Gateway Requires a CEN-ERFGW-POE Extended Range RF Gateway[4]
Wireless Communication (Secondary) – Wi-Fi® [8]
  Transceiver IEEE 802.11a/b/g Wi-Fi (5.8 or 2.4 GHz 2-way RF), static IP or dynamic IP via DHCP, 64 and 128-bit WEP encryption
  Range Up to 50 feet (15 m), subject to site-specific conditions, roaming is currently not supported
  Gateway Requires a CEN-WAP-ABG-1G, CEN-WAP-ABG-CM, or similar 802.11a/b/g wireless access point and Ethernet-enabled Crestron control system
Wired Communications
  Ethernet[5] (Via docking station) 10/100 Mbps, auto-switching, auto-negotiating, auto-discovery, full/half duplex, DHCP
  USB USB client for console
  Streaming Formats H.264 (MPEG-4 part 10 AVC), MJPEG [3]
  Features Built-in microphone and speakers, Rava™ SIP Intercom[3]
  Audio Feedback Formats MP3
  Docking Connector (1) multi-pin connector;
Mates with the docking port on the docking station[9]
  USB (1) Mini-B USB console port, for installer use only;
Mini-B to A USB cable included
  NOTE: See TST-600-IMCW interface module specification for additional connectors[9]
  Internal Battery Li-ion, 3.7 Volt, 3600 mAh, model TST-600-BTP[11]
  Usage per Charge 3.5 hours continuous, 100 hours under normal use (10% active duty cycle with standby/power down enabled)
  Charging Time 2.5 hours with touch screen in standby, 3.5 to 5 hours during use
Power Requirements
  Power Pack 0.75 Amps @ 24 Volts DC;
100-240 Volts AC, 50/60 Hz power pack, model PW-2407WU included
  Cresnet® Power Usage 18 Watts (0.75 Amps @ 24 Volts DC), includes TST-600-IMCW module[9]
  Note: May be powered by power pack or Cresnet network power, not both. Does not support Cresnet data communication, only power. All power connections are made via the TST-600-IMCW interface module[9]
  Temperature 32° to 112°F (0° to 45°C);
50° to 104°F (10° to 40°C) while charging
  Humidity 10% to 90% RH (non-condensing)
  Heat Dissipation 40 BTU/hour
  Construction Plastic, non-slip grips/feet, integral docking station port
  Front Bezels Plastic, button and no-button bezels included, button bezel includes white translucent illuminated Up/Down and Thumbpad buttons and 8 hardkey buttons with illuminated dividers and default backlit text engraving, optional custom backlit text engraving sold separately[2]
  Height 5.10 in (130 mm)
  Width 8.08 in (206 mm)
  Depth 1.59 in (41 mm)
  Note: Combined height of the TST-600 touch screen docked on the TST-600-DS docking station[9] is 3.30 in (84 mm)

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Prices and specifications subject to change without notice.