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110VAC Halogen Infrared Illuminator

Please note: This item has been discontinued. Please inquire for recommended alternatives.


The Vitek VT-IR2-110 Infrared Illuminator is designed to enable your Black and White CCD camera to deliver useable images in absolute darkness. This Infrared Illuminator has a range of 200 feet with a 65 Degree beam spread. The infrared beam is nearly invisible at a wavelength of 849nm-1200nm.

Additionally, the VT-IR2-110 was designed to preserve energy and lamp life. The Photocell automatically detects darkness. The replacement bulb is easy to find, this IR illuminator utilizes a 110VAC halogen bulb.

The Vitek VT-IR2-110 provides powerful illumination, it is perfect for parking lots, driveways and perimeter illumination. Heavy-duty aluminum construction and a built-in fan with ventilation enable usage in most outdoor applications.

VT-IR2-110 features include:

  • 200' Range with 65 Degree beam spread
  • Near invisible 840nm - 1200nm wavelength
  • Built-in fan with ventilation
  • Photocell automatically detects darkness to preserve energy and lamp life
  • Easy-to-find 110VAC halogen replacement bulb
Wave Length 840nm ~ 1200nm
Beam Spread 65°
Range 200 Feet
Power On Automatic CDS Control
Power Consumption 1.36 Amps
Lamp Halogen Type (Par38)
Filter Heat Resistant Glass
Lamp Lifetime Approximately 2000 hours
Construction Aluminum
Heat Dissipation Built-In fan / Ventilation Holes
Operating Temperature -20° ~ 60°C (-4° ~ 140°F)
Power Source 117 VAC / 60 HZ
Weight 4.54 Kg. / 159.98 Oz. / 9.98 Lbs.
Dimensions 6.4” x 6.8” x 16.7” (WxHxL)

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