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Colorado Video : CC422CS

By: Colorado Video
Video Instrumentation & Equipment to Analyze, Overlay, Mix, Measure, Combine, Compare, Capture, Freeze, Split, Flip and Invert Video Images.
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VGA or Component High Definition Electronic Video Mirror, Video Scan Reverser, Video Image Rotator

The Colorado Video CC422CS real-time Electronic High Definition Video Mirrors and Video Scan Reversers electronically reverse (left to right), flip (top to bottom), and/or rotate 180° the video image or picture from a VGA, HD-SDI, or DVI high definition video source so as to create a mirroring, flipped, or rotated effect. This can be called a video mirror image effect. Video image reversal, correction or rotation occurs

Simulate a Rear View Mirror

Compensate for Ceiling Mounted Cameras

Reverse Endoscopic Images

Correct Reversed Images from Video Inspection Systems

Correct Image Reversal caused by Film Camera Adapter Lenses

Correct Optical Reversal

Correct Telescope Image Reversal

Dental Camera System

Flip, Reverse, Rotate HD-SDI Video and Convert it to DVI

Flip, Reverse, Rotate PC (VGA) Video

Flip upside down video display or monitor

Rotate, Reverse, Flip VGA Video

Rotate, Reverse, Flip DVI (HDMI without audio and HDCP) Video

Correct upside down or backwards video image

Model: CC422CS
Function: Swaps Left & Right, Top & Bottom, or Both (180° Rotation)
Input/Output Signal: VGA, YUV, or RGB Analog (specify when ordering)
Owner's Manuals: Manual-CC422CS.pdf
Size: 8.875"W x 6.5"L x 2.75"H sloping to 1.25"H
Mounting: Free standing desktop
Power Connector: 5.5 x 2.1 mm coaxial power jack, center-pin positive
Power Input: 5 VDC 1.2 A (120 VAC Adaptor included where appropriate)
Chassis: Black ABS
Controls: Mode: Normal/Mirror/Flip/Rotate 180°
  Auto Pixel Phase Adjust
Indicators: Power/Video: Flashing: Power OK, Steady: Video OK
  Normal Mode
  Mirror Mode
  Flip Mode
  Rotate 180° Mode

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Prices and specifications subject to change without notice.