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Colorado Video : DD623CS

By: Colorado Video
Video Instrumentation & Equipment to Analyze, Overlay, Mix, Measure, Combine, Compare, Capture, Freeze, Split, Flip and Invert Video Images.
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DVI (HDMI) High Definition Video Line Generator

Colorado Video's 623 Series slanted, tilted or angled High Definition HD Video Line Generator can superimpose or overlay horizontal lines and tiltable vertical lines onto a real-time Hi-Def video signal. The user can adjust the position of all lines and the tilt, slant, angle or slope of the vertical lines by means of front panel controls. The user can set the angle of the lines to be 45 degrees, or any other line angle desired. A user can set the superimposed or overlayed lines to a variety of colors or Off, dashed or solid lines, and one or two Horizontal & Vertical line sets. Lines can be shadowed to improve their visibility and their thickness can be adjusted over a wide range.

Model: DD623CS
Function: Superimposes four lines onto real-time High Definition Video
Input/Output Signal: DVI (Adaptable to HDMI but does not include audio and HDCP)
Owner's Manuals: Manual-DD623CS.pdf
Size: 8.875"W x 6.5"L x 2.75"H sloping to 1.25"H
Mounting: Free standing desktop
Power Connector: 5.5 x 2.1 mm coaxial power jack, center-pin positive
Power Input: 5 VDC 4 A (120 VAC Adaptor included where appropriate)
Chassis: Black ABS
Controls: Line Shadow: On/Off/Hold to Set Shadow Intensity (push Button)
  Single Cross Hair/Dual Cross Hair/Hold to Set Line Width (push Button)
  Solid/Dashed/Hold to Set Dash Length (push Button)
  Color/Hold to Set Line Intensity (push Button)
  Line Tilt/Set Parameter if a Button is Held (knob)
  Vertical Position V-Line 1 (knob)
  Vertical Position V-Line 2 (knob)
  Horizontal Position H-Line 1 (knob)
  Horizontal Position H-Line 2 (knob)
Indicators: Power/Video: Flashing: Power OK, Steady: Video OK

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