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CCTV, Industrial FA/Machine Vision Lenses
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1/1.1" 8mm F/1.8 Aspherical Mega-Pixel Fixed-Focal

The Tamron M111FM08 lenses are optimized for 3.1-μm-pixel-pitch imagers, equivalent to 1.1" 12 mega-pixels, offer the highest contrast and resolution among Tamron's machine vision fixed-focal lens line-up. Tamron's proprietary optical design ensures identical high-contrast and resolution for all four lenses irrespective of focal length.

Use of state-of-the-art optical technology enables high-contrast and high-resolution from the corner to the periphery of images despite the large aperture size. The highest-contrast and resolution performance in Tamron's machine vision fixed-focal M111FM08 lens also opens gates to other areas of applications including traffic monitoring, notably for ITS (Intelligent Transport Systems).



Imager Size 1.1
Mount Type C
Focal Length 8mm
Aperture Range 1.8  -  22
Angle of View
(Horizontal x Vertical)
1.1 [ 1:1 ] 76.0°  x  76.0°
[ 4:3 ] 83.5°  x  66.7°
1 [ 1:1 ] 71.2°  x  71.2°
[ 4:3 ] 78.4°  x  62.2°
2/3   57.8°  x  44.9°
Focusing Range 0.3m  -  ∞
Operation Focus Manual with Lock
Iris Manual with Lock
Filter Size M77 P=0.75
Wave Size Visible Light
Weight 490g
Operating Temperature -20°C  -  +60°C

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