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1/3 8-50mm F/1.6 Aspherical Mega Pixel Vari-Focal

The Tamron  M13VP850IR lens uses an aspherical element, XLD (Extra Low Dispersion)(1) lens,  and advanced optical design technology delivers high image quality that is compatible with 3-mega-pixel cameras, achieves full HD 1080p, accomplished F/1.6 (Wide) and F/2.0 (Tele).  This lens maintains 3-mega-pixel image quality from the visible  to NIR spectrums, which allows shooting video footage without the associated decrease in image quality when the camera is switched to "Night Mode".  This lens heralds a new era for IR-compatible 3-mega-pixel lenses.

Focal Length



Iris Range



Iris Operation

P-Iris (Stepping Motor switching control)


Focus Operation

Manual w/Lock


Zoom Operation

Manual w/Lock





1/2.7" Angle of View (wide/telephoto)

40.2° x 22.6°/ 6.6° x 3.8°


1/3" Angle of View (wide/telephoto)

33.5° x 25.1°/ 5.6 ° x 4.2°


1/4" Angle of View (wide/telephoto)

25.1° x 18.8°/ 4.2 ° x 3.2°


Focusing Range

0.3m ~ INF


Wave Length

Visible Light ~ Near Infrared


Operating Temperature

-20° ~ +60° C

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