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2/3" 12MP 12mm Lens

The Fujinon HF1218-12M is capable of maintaining ultra-high definition with 2.7 μm pixel in whole frame area, and resolve each of the pixels, assisting stable checking of product dimensions and appearance.

HF-12M features FUJINON lenses’ unique “4D High Resolution” performance for consistently high resolution. It maintains a high level of even image sharpness at the center as well as around the edges, while mitigating resolution degradation that typically occurs when changing a working distance or aperture value. This enables the consistent delivery of high-resolution images under a wide variety of installation and shooting conditions.

Product name HF818-12M HF1218-12M HF1618-12M HF2518-12M HF3520-12M
Focal length 8mm 12mm 16mm 25mm 35mm
Iris range(F no.) F1.8-F22 F1.8-F22 F1.8-F22 F1.8-F22 F2.0-F22
Angle of view (H x V) *

*Mounted to 2/3″ sensor cameras

56.9°x43.9° 39.3°x30.0° 30.8°x23.3° 20.0°x15.1° 14.7°x11.0°
Focus range (from front of the lens) (mm) ∞‐100 ∞‐100 ∞‐100 ∞‐100 ∞‐200
Operation Focus Manual
Iris Manual
Filter thread M30.5 x 0.5mm
Mount C-Mount
Sensor size (max.) 2/3″
TV distortion (%) -1.03 0.18 -0.03 0.02 0.01
Diameter (mm) φ33x48.5 φ33x52.5 φ33x52.5 φ33x53.1 φ33x53.1
Weight (ca.) (g) 95 85 90 85 85
Fixing knobs bundled 2 pcs.
Fixing screws bundled 6 pcs.

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