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Tamron : M12ZG34X15IRPF

By: Tamron
CCTV, Industrial FA/Machine Vision Lenses
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The Tamron M12ZG34X15IRPF, has been designed with an optimum balance between optical performance and lens size in mind. Compared with conventional lenses with the same focal distance, the lens offers distinct compactness, allowing the use of industry-standard camera housings or continued use of existing housings.


Wide-area surveillance such as border protection, coast safety, and forest guard, requires camera-monitoring over a wide and long-distance range, mandating the use of a large zoom-ratio lens that assures high image-quality and resolution throughout the entire zoom range. The new M12ZG34X15IRPF assures a high-sensitivity of F/6.4 and a high-resolution of 2 mega-pixels up to the telephoto end (510mm) of the zoom range. The lens is compatible with an NIR (Near-IR) feature, for powerful day and night high image-quality surveillance.

Compact Lens with a Focal Length of 510mm

High Optical Performance Extending to the Telephoto End

Defog Feature

Model M12ZG34X15IRPF
Imager Size 1/2"
Mount Type C
Focal Length 15~510mm
F Number Fw/3.0~Ft/6.4
Zoom Ratio 34x
Operation Focus Motorized (Preset Potentiometer)
Zoom Motorized (Preset Potentiometer)
Iris DC Auto Iris
Wave Length Visible Light ~ Near Infrared

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